February 27, 2018

Dead patient saga: Segun Arinze’s allegations malicious, unverified—Hospital

Dead patient saga: Segun Arinze’s allegations malicious, unverified—Hospital

Segun Arinze

By Rotimi Agbana

…I’ve nothing more to say— Arinze

Lagos—LAST Wednesday, popular Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Segun Arinze, accused the management of Doren Specialist Hospital, located in the Ajah axis of Lagos, of refusing to treat an accident victim, who was rushed into its emergency unit for undisclosed reasons.

According to the veteran actor, the hospital’s refusal to attend to the patient eventually led to his death.

However, the management of Doren Specialist Hospital has discredited Segun Arinze’s allegations, describing it as “malicious and unverified.”

A management staff of the hospital, Uwaezuoke Nduaka, said: “The attention of Doren Specialist Hospital has been drawn to the unverified statements and images made by Mr. Segun Arinze and shared by him on his social media handle in respect of a man who he falsely alleged was refused medical attention by our hospital.

“The patient was rushed into the hospital on February 21, 2018 at about 11a.m., by a group of people, who said he was electrocuted.

“What we normally do at the emergency entrance is that when a patient is brought in and appears lifeless, we confirm that the person is still alive, that he/she has pulse then we admit the patient.

“A doctor from Doren Specialist Hospital promptly assessed the man and certified him ‘dead at presentation’. The people who brought him were informed that the man was dead and were advised to take the man to a morgue, since the hospital does not run mortuary services.

“The people who brought the dead man, rather than take the corpse to the morgue, instead resorted to create a scene and disrupt the operations of the hospital.

“As a point of duty, we at Doren Specialist Hospital attend to all emergencies as they present and do not put cost as a prerequisite for first aid treatment to be administered.

Segun Arinze

“Having said this, our media team and some concerned Nigerians swung into action to address Segun Arinze’s post on his page and he took it down. We even engaged him privately to address his post, but he turned to say that he is a public figure; we should talk to him on the public post.”

He added that though the popular actor has taken down the post after much consultation, the hospital is still battling with the adverse effects of the unverified post which has since gone viral.

“Now that he has taken the post down, we are still battling with the ripple effect created by this unverified fake news.”

“We demand that Segun Arinze should return to the same channel used to spread this fake news and tender an unreserved apology to the management and staff of DOREN Specialist Hospital. That at the same time he should publish his apology on the online media platform and at least two national newspapers, that he reaches out to all the social platforms that are within his reach, which had reposted and retweeted his fake news to withdraw their posts and tell the true side of the story.”

When Vanguard reached out to Segun Arinze on the matter, he revealed that he had said what he had to say about the incident and it was a done deal.

“I have said what I wanted to say about this incident, I have nothing more to say. Many of your people have been calling me but I’m done with it so just let it go,” he said.