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The couple’s future in the course of their marriage

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By Pastor Okokon Ating

As I noted earlier, every wicked and demonic person knows what the future of each marriage would look like. They foresee the content, the blessings therein in a godly marriage. Hence, they do not feel happy to be part and parcel of what will make such marriages to succeed.

I know of a young family whose progress has been thwarted on several occa-sions. He married his first wife; the parents complained bitterly that he should di-vorce her, why? No reason was given. The man went ahead and divorced the lady and took in another wife which was his parent’s choice but suddenly she died.

He remarried according to the advice of the parents, but after some years, the wife died again. So the man became frustrated in life without hope. Now he is in the village hope-less without knowing how to continue again in raising a new family.

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Economically, the man is hampered and handicap-ped, spiritually, he claimed he is rejected by God. Socially, those of his age who were not progressive in life are now doing better than him, because he has not been himself since he lost three wives. He has been hampered and jeopardized by evil parents.

The young man has now become retrogressive in life. The future of the young man that was full of progress and growth had been terminated and he is stagnant. There is every need for us in this world to continue praying for the future as we progress in our marriage. Inclusively, the future couple should pray for their children, property, edu-cation, finance and health. These and others are the areas which Satan fights against the marital life of people.

Strength and weakness of the couple.

In this, the kingdom of darkness will look into the area in which the couple is strong and weak so that they may use that to strike against the progress of the family. If the devil knows that the couple are strong in prayers they will like to attack by causing weariness and back-sliding. This could be by engaging them in unnecess-ary profession which can take their time away from church services and fellow-ship.

The enemy may strike also in the area of weaknesses like anger, drunkenness, smoking and fighting in the marriage.

I knew a couple long ago who lost their fortune, fa-mily and almost lost hope because of constant fighting and quarrelling. Every day the husband will tell the wife, ‘you will be divorced whether you like it or not’ the wife will ask why, with-out explanation, the next action will be fighting.

Frankly speaking, they divorced themselves with-out a cause. The man went and married another wo-man who later died and subsequently, the man him-self died too. The first wife remarried another man and later met with hard luck. That is how the young couple put their marriage in shamble and destruction because of anger which led to frequent fighting.

Since the world is full of evil and would not want ma-rriage which is God’s in-stitution to survive, people who are involved in it should be careful how they handle it. If they have found themselves in one weakness or the other, there is a need for them to minimize or avoid totally any that will amplify the progress of their marital life, prayer and constant counseling may solve these challenges in their lives. Many couples have ruined their future because of wantonness. Those who have allowed this to become habitual in their lives have died miserably without good records in their generations.

I see marriage as one of the most valuable and costly projects in one’s life which needs to be protected at all cost, once we enter into it. It is easy to build a house, get it destroyed and rebuild when not satisfied with the style and architectural design. It is also easy for one to buy a car and resell it for one reason or the other. But in marriage, once destroyed, the scar remains till death.

And many generations can suffer from it except the yoke of that mistake is broken by a careful and wise genera-tion which came to know that there was something wrong with their founding parents. Only few couples see and understand all these as challenges which can render them impotent in life.

But to others, they see it as a common phenomenon in life. As Christian couples, think, check and correct all these things in order to put your life in a correct way and pass it on to your next gen-eration.

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