February 25, 2018

The change professionals need – Institute of Change Management

Professionals were, yesterday, urged by the   Institute of Change Management, during its first investiture ceremony, to  take steps in   managing self and others to help them   accomplish better results using innovative tools and techniques.

Joseph Anetor,Registrar, Institute for Change Management said, “ The founding of this institute was motivated by the desire to entrench professionalism in the management of change; close the yawning skill gap in change management by providing professional support to businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals as they seek to generate values in their different endeavours”.

He went on: “Change has always been with us; that is why it is agreed by many that the only constant thing in life is change. But something is missing. The missing link is the lack of Professional Change Management which has resulted in needless business failures, avoidable job losses, loss of profits, declining productivity,missed opportunities, lost promotion chances on the part of employees, demotivated and uncommitted employees. Change is happening at a pace never before imagined and will remain so”.