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There is anger in the land, Okogie warns

By Sam Eyoboka

LAGOS— RETIRED Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, has warned the nation’s leaders to tread softly because there is anger in the nation.

He argued that even leading members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, at the centre have demonstrated commendable candour by openly acknowledging that the hopes of 2015 have been shattered.

Cardinal Okogie

In his latest open letter to the nation, Okogie began on a sporty note, reminding the nation that late football commentator, Ernest Okonkwo, was fond of using an Igbo proverb while giving minute-by-minute description of football matches on the radio.

He said: “Anytime there was an infringement that escaped the attention of the referee, he would ask his colleagues, Sebastian Ofurum or Tolu Fatoyinbo if they too saw the infringement. If they confirmed what he saw, he would say in Igbo: “What two persons have seen and confirmed to be a boa must not be mistaken for a piece of diamond.” One may apply that maxim to the situation in our country right now.

“There is anger in the land. Many voices are echoing it. These voices of anger are so deafening that it can no longer be denied. The level of discontent in Nigeria at this point in time is like the proverbial boa sighted by even more than two persons. It would be unwise to mistake it for a piece of diamond.

“It has been sighted by Retired Generals Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida who have spoken of the anger in the land in clear and unmistaken terms. It has been sighted by traditional rulers who have called the attention of government to it.

“It has been sighted by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria when Bishops went into the corridors of power to speak to power, in the way Biblical prophets directly confronted kings in Israel.”


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