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Terrorists in the cockpit: A narrative of Nigeria’s systemic failure

By Elizabeth Uwandu

No better way to describe the travails of Nigeria, presumably giant of Africa who despite her rich and endowed natural resources still have large numbers of her masses wallow in abject poverty,   neglect and deprivation, than from the fallout in leadership.

Terrorists in the cockpit written by Dr Dotun Oyeniyi,   a   Lawyer that shuttles between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, espoused how neither our heterogeneous enclave as one entity nor the abundance of both human and natural resources serve as bane for discord and disagreements as many will think, but that the quest for the control of power by few elites remain foetus of all problems Nigeria face.

The 286 page book published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited,   UK gives a gripping historical narration with picture depictions, and real life examples of how few elites from Nigeria per-colonial, colonial to post independence up till May,   2015 have wrestled power   through brutal,   insensate and terrorism on the masses who most times become dependent and bare the brunt of the elephants ‘ vicious trampling.

A journey into the nine chapters work engages the reader with a rhetoric statement, “ In my father’s house,   there are many rooms… “yet freedom is false as rather than enjoy the sweetness of plenty,   we have ,” a democracy borne out of hell where abide, “ the land of (much) slaves and (few) masters;

What becomes the order of the day is, “ Blood on the ballot boxes,   and “ feeding on the floating corpses. The constant meddling of forces of control of power make Nigerians to seek solace in religion.   However,   rather than being an upright people,   what is seen is a, “ religious but unrighteous nation resulting in, “ a people at Warren with itself. “

The implication of a people get at war with itself create   channels of lawlessness,   selfishness with all enmeshed in corruption.   In order words,   making process or changing the statuesque seem like ,” fighting armoured tank with a pistol. “

However,   gleam the and pitiable Nigeria leadership seem,   all hope may not be lost as Dr Oyeniyi in the last chapter of the non fiction book titled , “ towards a people’s government,” proffers recommendation for a better country. These include eradicating; patronage and political godfatherism; political dynasty; self and genealogical political recycling for positive structures. Also the setting of true federalism; erecting a wall between the state and religion; restructured educational system.   In addition to imbibing the three Rs – Reason,   Reasonableness and Responsibility by all Nigerians will be a stepping stone to Nigeria that will be pride of all..

Terrorists in the cockpit is a book for all, Nigerians and foreigners who desire a positive change either as a follower or as a leader. This is base on getting a holistically  analyse  how this country got to this level where are now.

human rights and privileges are trampled..And a companion for future reference be it for academic or leisure studies.



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