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Networking/ Sponsorship
•Abdul 33, resides in Benin, has OND, needs a government job within Benin.07038433518
•Maureen a medical student, needs someone to help pay her school fees of N100,000, acct name Enawhorowve Maureen Ejoke,2333014445 Eco Bank Maureen. 08129435633
•Lateefat needs well meaning Nigerians to help sponsor her father’s treatment of cancer of the lungs with the sum of N1million, account number 7780314937, Diamond Bank,account name Lateefat Oyetogun. 09032670623
•Chidima 22, a student, needs someone who is God fearing, to sponsor her education,Udoye Chidima Account 3097500747, 07065634539

Searching Male
•Biyi, 50, educated, fun to be with, in a failed marriage, needs romantic, neat, educated female friend, aged 28-42. 08133242854

Searching Female
•Chioma 38, Christian from Anambra state but resides in Lagos, needs a caring man, who is hard working and ready for marriage.08160568958
•Princess, fair, heavily endowed, soft spoken and very pretty needs an elderly man to love and pamper her. 09092629537
•Sara 30, needs a matured, and employed man, from Anambra State, aged 32-37, for a serious relationship. 09033541611
•Joy 27, needs a God fearing man, aged 30-40.09054255897
•Temi 37, employed and resides in Lagos, needs a man, aged 42-47, who is, loving.08126185297,08165823634
•Floxy 25, dark in complexion, slim, average height and resides in Port Harcourt, needs an honest and hard working man, for a relationship, that will lead to marriage.07058700247

Searching Male
•Jude 29, resides in Agbor, Delta State, needs a lady, for a relationship.07066579796
.Ike 30, and resides in Lagos, needs a good looking lady, aged 18-27, for a relationship. 07059847828
•Derrick 35, needs a lady, aged 22-32, for marriage. 08036685456
•Emma 40, a single father, employed, from Delta State, but resides in Benin City, needs a God fearing,caring, responsible, employed and sincere lady, for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.07064280532
•Mike 39, from Rivers , but resides in Port Harcourt, needs a decent lady, aged 45- 60, for a discreet relationship. 09084769482,08039449991
•Loa 40, caring, resourceful, presentable, mature minded and resides in Abuja, needs a sophisticated and independent mature minded lady, who also resides in Abuja, for a relationship. 08099055777
•Ikechukwu 24, from Enugu but reside in Abuja, needs a God fearing lady, aged 18-23, for a serious relationship. 08168204878
•Chris 35, tall, dark in complexion, a graduate, employed and resides in Benue, needs a nice, and down to earth lady, for a relationship.08057365195
•Henry 36, 6.1ft tall, dark in complexion, slim, from Delta state but resides in Awka, needs a tall, immaculate,humble, respectful and focus lady to build a future with. 08060388533
•Best 33, from Delta state, needs a nice round body shape lady, who is fair or chocolate in complexion, aged 25-32, from Delta or Edo state, for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. 08062125303
•Fred 38, fair from Edo state 38 fair in completion tall reside in Lagos needs a matured and employed lady who is ready to settle down, aged 32-40. 09027464423
•Emmy45,resides in Awka, needs a busty lady, not circumcised, aged 30-40,for marriage.08074899762
•Kelly 26, resides in PH, needs a lady who is employed. 0810 9101150
•Chidi 28, a graduate,employed and resides in Imo State, needs a matured lady from Imo, for a relationship that can lead to marriage. 07065681754
•Thompson 34, employed from Delta state, but resides in Abuja, needs just a truthful, lady, aged 27-37, for marriage.08147456515, 07030095162
•Dayo from Ondo state, but resides in Lagos, needs a beautiful lady, aged 23-26, for a serious relationship. 08020711617,08170506345
•GK 30, needs a matured, sexy, romantic and financially stabled lady, for a relationship.08032368575
•Jude 32, HIV positive, from Edo state, needs a God fearing lady of same status, who is also employed aged 25-30. 07057302565,08105268974
•Clelton 30, needs a matured and active lady, for a serious relationship, that can lead to marriage. 08050450109
•Omoh resides in Lagos, needs a devoted Christian lady, who is employed and also serious for marriage,aged 25-30. 08026613497,09038056348,08171052188 •Hamilton 33, a graduate, tall, dark in complexion, good looking, self employed, resides in Benin, and ready to settle down needs a fair in complexion lady, aged 30 and above, who is employed, for serious relationship that will lead to marriage.0811845 2853,08069659603
•Tobi 34, needs a God fearing lady, aged 25-34, for a serious relationship.08026532798

Sugar Cares
Searching Female
•Atinuke 24, average height, a graduate, and an applicant, needs a sugar daddy, for a relationship. 07061398673
•Cherry, sexy, bursty and beautiful needs a sugar daddy that will love and take good care of me through school. Will love home to the bone.080101146119

Searching Male
•Joseph 27, and handsome, needs a sugar mummy that resides in Abakaliki. 08036427447
•Alex 27, from Delta State, but resides in Lagos, needs a pretty sugar mummy, aged 35-45.08178542767
•Abbey 30, needs a sugar mummy from Osogbo or Ibadan who is ready to sponsor his education financially.08073438240
•Daniel, 30, dark in complexion, handsome, matured and sexually active, needs a caring and loving sugar mummy, for a relationship.09069906796
•Joseph from Port Harcourt, needs a sugar mummy, who resides in Port Harcourt, for a relationship.07059101938


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