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Nigeria not a shit hole nation

By Clement Udegbe

GOVERNOR Samuel Ortom called on President Muhammadu Buhari to arrest members of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, who made threats to kill and carried out their threats, adding that the group is not above the law. The newspaper reports Ortom as saying: “But beyond that, we made strong appeal to Mr. President to arrest those people that perpetrated this act, the Miyetti Allah Kautal, because they are not above the law. They made inciting statements against our people and they came and perpetrated this act.  And until this time I speak to you, they are still issuing out threats and it is not about just anti-grazing law, it is occupation because the manner with which they come and attack the man and take over the land  is something.

He then added….“I am not sure we are willing to join issues with anyone. We are law abiding citizens, we are not going to let our people go out of control.”

This is where the Big Problem of Benue State and the rest of us lies:  the indecision to fight for the right thing by our leaders. If Benue does not fight over this situation, when will they fight? Fighting back, resisting the Fulani herdsmen cannot be letting the people go out of control. It is an excuse for inaction.

If the Governor does not know if he will join issues over this, who will know?

Is he not the Chief Security Officer of Benue State? What he should be saying is the arrangement he has put in place to ensure and guarantee sustained safety of his Benue people.  What has earlier meetings with the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, over Fulani herdsmen achieved for Benue people?

Will he sacrifice these lives on the platter of APC bloodletting politricks?

Indecision in a life and property threatening situation like we have in Benue State is the worst weakness at this time. It was Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB, who once said that if you cannot decide to move forward, you must get out of the way!

This is why I love IPOB, and the Niger- Delta fighters. No matter the kind of Python Dance the Federal Government  will engage  in, in Igboland, our youths are waking up to realise the gains in resisting evil and fighting back!

The Federal Government has killed thousands of Igbo youths to raise fresh millions into a stronger level of awareness of the need to say No to evil from the leaders, especially from Buhari and APC.

The Federal Government and Buhari, may have held, silenced or even killed Nnamdi Kanu, but they have given birth to the rise of hundreds of Nnamdi Kanus, more determined to win in Igboland. Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria a Zoo, and many felt it was too harsh, but it is only in a Zoo nation that higher premium is placed on cattle than on human life.

It is only in a Zoo nation, that Fulani herdsmen will kill over 6,000 persons, destroy over 3,000 houses, annihilate 500 communities with their farmlands, and NOT ONE PERSON IS ARRESTED!!!

The POTUS recently called Black nations “ SHITHOLES.” He was very wrong! I do not agree that Nigeria is SHITHOLE Nation, because of her potentials.

If he were well briefed, and listened to Biafrans, (IPOB), he would have correctly labelled Nigeria a Zoo nation, and many will have no issues with that.

A Zoo nation kills her peoples in order to preserve the cow; releases helicopters to monitor and maintain safety of cattle in the forests while there are no helicopters to manage traffic snarl, which  is fast becoming a daily occurrence in the cities of Southern Nigeria.

In a Zoo nation, Police fight crime without helicopters, mails are moved without helicopters, BUT Fulani cows are monitored with helicopters, like they do in Delta State.

A  Zoo nation will be proposing laws about Cow Colonies, while killing and destroying human investments and churches in the north of Nigeria, and nothing is done. It is only in the heart of the Central Business District area of the capital of Zoo nation that you find cows struggling with drivers for lanes for thoroughfare. It happens in Abuja,  Awka in Anambra, Umuahia in Abia and in Imo State.

When they cause accidents, which often happen, the police is powerless, the driver is blamed, and the Fulani Cow rearer goes scott free!  Only in a Zoo nation will Police arrest citizens for carrying guns, while Fulani Herdsmen carry dangerous assault rifles  un perturbed. Pastors, who own Jets, fly to pray for the President’s Son in a hospital, but will not Fly to attend the type of Mass Burial for over 73 killed persons, that took place in Benue State recently.

Since the Spiritual controls the Physical, the Spirit of the Fulani Cow, has so far controlled Nigeria, BUT the time for it to go has Come !

That Spirit has lost control over the territory called Nigeria

Eating of the Fulani Cow brings pollution to the mind which must be cast away from the houses of Nigerian pastors, so they can pray, speak and deliver the nation.

It is the spirit of the Fulani Cow that makes a Governor not to know if he can join issues to stop an evil like this. It is the Spirit of the Fulani Cow that makes our leaders speak against Fulani Herdsmen but lack the will to stand up and take action. How can they take action, when they pollute their minds and body with Suya, Kpomo, Abodi, and other delicacies made  from the Fulani Cow.

Those who continue to eat the Fulani Cow do so to their own spiritual hurt !

Next time your pastor wants to lay hands on you, ensure that he has not been consuming Fulani Cow meat. You must work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Watch over your Salvation, it was bought for you at a very High Price!

The Fulani Cow has become a reproach, and abomination to Nigeria. It is a Curse to the people.

*Mr. Udegbe, a lawyer wrote from


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