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Ending well for a new beginning (2)

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THE end of a season ushers us into a fresh start for a new beginning. The end is never final for it transitions us into a brand new opportunity to maximize.

The fastest way to succeed is to become aware that there is no shortest, easiest and quickest route to success. A baby doesn’t just jump into becoming an adult but a baby grows into adulthood. Consequently, you don’t jump to the top rather you grow to the top; climbing the ladder of responsibility one step at a time. There are no short-cuts to success but there are smart ways to success. If you want to cut down a tree, the smart thing to do is to prepare for it by sharpening the saw before using it to cut down the tree. Sharpening the saw will make you more effective and efficient in the execution of your task with reduced time and stress.

Therefore, to succeed demands using the smart way; you must sharpen your saw. You must sharpen or work on your mind and skills in order to succeed effectively. In fact, you must work on yourself to develop and improve spiritually, mentally, and emotionally because these are what you manifest in the material world as the conditions of life. Careful attention to details for excellence will mark you out for success. Therefore, be faithful with the least and you will be listed and entrusted with more. Consequently, learn to manage wisely your mind; time and resources.

Giving up or quitting too soon is the failure guarantee. The will to keep trying is your success guarantee. When it seems tough that’s when you should get tougher and push further. When it seems hard that’s when you should work harder to actualize your dreams. When it seems impossible that’s when you should become unstoppable. The night surely gives way to the morning if you will not quit. Success is always around the corner of hard knocks but you must refuse to knock yourself out. In trying times, remember to always try again. Hindrances give you a hint that you are close to succeeding. Therefore, stay on course; stir your gift and move on to the winning lane of life.

As we march forward into the New Year, let us also march forward in our thinking leaving the past behind. Commit yourself to the future by letting of painful and negative memories. Live from your imagination rather than your memories. Imagination urges you forward; memories of the negative past drag you behind. Imagine the kind of person you are committed to become rather than re-living the kind of person you were. Imagine yourself receiving what you want rather than focusing on what you do not want. Leave the past and all its limitations; press forward into possibilities and positivity.

As the year draws to an end, we must end up all forms of illusion in our lives. One of the greatest illusions in the world is the trap of success-the kind of success defined by the world and its standard.

Possibilities and positivity

This kind of success promises happiness but when gotten leaves the individual in misery; it promises riches but when gotten leaves the individual bankrupt within; it promises freedom but when gotten enslaves; it promises fame but when gotten leaves the individual empty. This kind of success is superficial.

However, there is another brand of success that comes well packaged with all the things money cannot buy and some of the things money cannot buy. This authentic brand of success enriches; ever growing; ever expanding. Success is becoming everything you were created to be; doing everything you were created to do and having everything you were created to have. By this definition the world does not define you; your Creator defines you. This brand of success opens you up for growth; development and self expression. It urges you to consistently grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and materially. It makes you leave your comfort zone and stretch into the horizon of possibilities; it makes you to maximize your resources-your gifts, time, energy, finances; it makes you add value to the lives of people on a daily basis thereby making you a gift to the world.

Let’s begin 2018 by committing to becoming a gift to the world beginning from the place where you are and the world will become a better place because you lived.

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