Astrological Counselling

January 25, 2018

Astrological Counselling

Astrological Counselling

LEO; Youve had enough of fun in the recent times and it’s now time you settle down for hard work in order to prevent avoidable trouble. Be patient please.

VIRGO;  Your concentration level and determination are the pillars of your success today. Yet you’ll need to respect your senior colleagues and protect your image

LIBRA; It’s true you’re willing to work harder but you just have to drop both aggression and mental arrogance to allow things to roll accordingly. Then, you’re accident prone within your working arena. Respect the law and its agents today.

SCORPIO; Serious thought  may be giving to matters of the heart but it’s better you tarry a while. Joint ventures of short duration today may be an invitation to avoidable trouble

SAGITTARIUS ; If you back your financial plans with concrete and positive actions things’ll go according to your desire. If you fail to realise importance of your spouse you would work your way into avoidable trouble; aren’t you tired of crisis?.

CAPRICORN; Your intelligence, competence and level of concentration may today bring you envy, which you don’t deserve within your working arena in a negative form but, you’ll succeed.. Entertain no fear, and take advantage of your sex-appeal for love.

AQUARIUS;. Placement of the Moon highlights your  Solar second house of money which is good but,  if you try to buy true love with money, you’ll be disappointed

PISCES; The. Moon in your Star sign’ll gives you new confidence and with new supports from the powers-that-be, it’s like you are now un-stop-able. But be cautious, especially with the veterans within your base of operation

ARIES; Tomorrow is your better day. But you will today need to do away with non-productive argument and/or agreement. Try to be more diplomatic now.

TAURUS; If what you’re doing today’ll depend on  tomorrow’s event it’s better you’re more careful now. Even things may not go according to your personal plans today. Yet it’s important you  plan both your immediate and far future carefully now.

GEMINI;  If you take to  aggression, your ego would be deflated by your superior colleagues, but your being co-operative in a civilised way’ll prevent trouble.

CANCER; Those willing to put you to shame one way or the other’ll be disappointed with the turn of things today. It’s good to secure support of your spouse.

Basic characteristics of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a mutable sign by its quality. It’s element is fire, symbolised by half horse half man and/or an Archer aiming at the sky. Mutable means changes and experimentation, while fire is all about enthusiasm, taking of the initiative and leadership ability. Thus, you are the type that will exhibit strong interest in an important project that catches your fancy and you will not mind to experiment with ideas just to achieve your objectives and aims. Sagittarius is  9th of the twelve Zodiac signs  that rules philosophy, RELIGION, law, foreign land, higher mind/higher institutions, lawyer, long (distance) travelling, in-laws, future, optimism and bluntness. Major problem or weak points of Sagittarians are excessive openness/bluntness and sometimes fanatical approach to religion.

Being a born adventurer, you are not afraid of exploration and new beginning. Sagittarians are incurable optimists and ever ready to listen to and eager to believe others. Honesty is truly in your inner self You are a tolerant person but you are not ready to compromise your FREEDOM

Sagittarius as a fire sign can make you a quick tempered person. Half horse half man as the symbol, of Sagittarius indicates dual (double) personalities known in different circles with different personalities. Yet, you are not a pretender. As the Archer aims arrow into the sky so also Sagittarians have many lofty ideas and ambitions. But sometimes their ideas and/or ideals are not practical enough for realisation. Many times, they start too many things at the same time only to either forget or lose view of their original target.

Development of practical approach is more important for Sagittarians this is in order to make success of many of their brilliant ideas, otherwise they tend to become dreamers.

In reality, Sagittarians are dreamers (by this 1 mean real dream many use to have at night when sleeping) and many of their dreams usually come to pass. Sometimes their dreams are vividly prophetic.

Sagittarians are born philosophers. That is why they have well developed minds indispensable to rare wisdom,  Then, they are humorous, lively, sports loving out going, energetic, good hearted, in love with change/experimentation, ever willing to co-operate, socially inclined, enthusiastic and highly intelligent. Ironically as intelligent as they are, they can surprisingly appear fanatical about their convinction and/or views.

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