Astrological Counselling

January 17, 2018

Astrological Counselling

Astrological Counselling


AQUARIUS; Both your personal career/business lines and partnership related issues are what can bring you under pressure. Be diplomatic between 6.43&9.04pm.

PISCES; Your being steadfast will not go unrewarded. But then your subordinates may unconsciously make things difficult for you.6.43 to 9.04pm can be a bit sensitive.


ARIES; You must know the difference between enterprising endeavour and gabling so that you will not walk your way into avoidable trouble. Love can excite you


TAURUS; There may be domestic challenges but if you carry your mate/spouse along early enough there will be solution. Watch your steps between 6.43 and 9.04pm.


GEMINI; Even if unnecessary argument upset you, eventually you will have cause to smile probably through money. Watch your tongue especially around 6.43&9.04pm


CANCER; Doing things before planning will only lead to avoidable loss financially. Matters-of-the-heart are favoured. 6.43 to9.04pm may be sensitive.


LEO; You will have more to gain if you back your plans with positive actions early in the day. 6.43 to 9.04pm can bring misunderstanding.


VIRGO; Unnecessary aggression and behind-the-scene activities are potential agents of avoidable trouble today.6.43 to 9.04 may force others to break promises.


LIBRA; Unexpected challenges can come through financial transactions, but your being practical will see you through. Watch what you do between 6.43&9.04pm.


SCORPIO; Romantic Venus moves to positive angle to your Star sign and give you the needed urge to create time for the betterment of your love life. Yet you will need to be more careful in other areas so that you don’t work against your own interest. Be loving.


SAGITTARIUS; Provided you are in control of happenings within your base of operation you will not have cause to worry. It is important you respect the law


CAPRICORN; Other people money and/or jointly owned fund can be sources of challenge today. If you take friends for granted you would be disappointed. Be steadfast.

Dear Joshua,

I am interested in your column; more ink to your pen. I hate poverty and will like to know how I can be rich in a positive way; here I want to know about my career line (what are good lines for me) and my finance.

Johnson, Lagos.

What are my lines?

Dear Johnson,

Nobody likes poverty. But first rule that must be observed by would be a rich person is HARD WORK while the second is being PRAYERFUL.

You were endowed with powerful brains/mind indispensable to very important positions and luckily for you your talents have been polished by sound education. As communication related Mercury was powerfully placed at positive angles to both political/electronic related Uranus and Jupiter the planet of good luck, communication industry, POLITICS, electronics and the bridal needs are good areas where you can rightly expect remarkable success. Whatever areas you decide to go, your aspiration must be towards important LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. When talking of electronics here computer  and its’ accessories are the main thing. And because Mars and Neptune conjoined with positive aspects from Pluto OIL and food related businesses are truly good for you.

All said and done it must be known by you that the more positively AMBITIOUS you are the better for you.

Libra that hosted Jupiter-the planet of good luck, is one of the Star signs related to MONEY and COMFORT. Luckily for you Jupiter conjoined Uranus (the planet of genius) at positive angles to Mercury meaning that your brilliant ideas will always bring you financial success on one hand, on the other hand Jupiter and Uranus are also related to POWERFULLY PLACED and INFLUENTIAL PERSONALITIES. Thus POWERFUL MEN and WOMEN will one time or the other aide your FINANCE. But don’t forget that the more positively AMBITIOUS you are the better for your cause. What you will need to guard against here are deceit and emotion.


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