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The earth is a continuous cycle of times and seasons. For every beginning, there is an end. In the cycle of life, how you end a given year will influence how you begin the New Year. The New Year does not really bring any real change into your life rather you must bring a new you or a changed you into the New Year in order for it to be your best year yet.

To get successfully into the New Year, you must make a committed decision to strip yourself of the old self that had attracted failure-ridden conditions of life and put on a new way of thinking so that you could engage in actions that will attract successful outcome in every aspect of life.

To end the year well, you must take an honest inventory of yourself in order to re-invent yourself in the New Year. The perceived causes of failure could be very deceptive as many people who reside in the failure domain look outward through the window to cast blame on other people or circumstances for the cause of their failure rather than look at the mirror first to examine themselves for any thought pattern or belief that had attracted the failure-conditions of life. People who consistently fail over the long haul had been conditioned to lose with the Will to Fail.

To move from the failure-domain to the mountain-top of success, you must be re-conditioned or re-programmed in your mind to always win with the Will to succeed. To ride effectively through 2018 there is the need to clear your pathway from every self-imposed limitations and obstacles that had once stopped or limited you.

Failure is a product of error in the thinking process that leads to actions or behavior that supports the offshoot of failure in life. Genuine success is the result of aligning your mind with the truth that governs life. To arise from the dungeon of failure and move to the winning lane of life you must become aware that causes are a function of thoughts and conditions are the effects. Consequently, taking absolute responsibility for your life is the lead way to succeeding in all frontiers of life.

In the absence of being responsible, we play the play game that leads en-route to the dungeon of failure. Blaming others for the failures in our lives or the condition of our lives strangles the power to effect positive change in our lives which lies within us. Placing the fault on others traps us into a self-illusion of self-perfection which hinders growth and progress. Responsibility says, “I chose my thoughts or beliefs; I chose my feelings; I chose my actions or behavior and consequently, I am responsible for the outcome or result.

Therefore, I learn from my mistake and will choose better next time.” Blaming others says, “You made me do it; you did this to me; you did not come through for me; you must come and make my life better; you are responsible for me…Consequently, my life cannot get better until you come through, therefore, someone owes me”. The most tragic thing about blaming others is the continuous blame for subsequent negative occurrences trapping its victim in a never ending cycle of defeat.

Another self-inflicting failure mechanism is self-blame that leads to self-condemnation. While it is right to first of all examine ourselves whenever there is an undesirable outcome in order to correct our faults; self-condemnation seeks to label the identity of the individual; it treats self as a failure; it exaggerates faults; It puts on self the faults of others and consequently, it traps in the negativity of guilt which perpetuates negative behavior. Failure is not a person; failure is a result or feedback. Self-examination leads to convictions that produce a better you. Self-condemnation leads to guilt feelings that perpetuate negative behavior.

If you want to go places and do great things in your life in 2018, then you must set goals for the year. Goals set the direction for your life. Goals enable you to make the most of yourself and your situation. Goals make you keep track of your growth and progress. An aimless life is a failure-ridden life that drifts away into trivialities which makes one sink deep into the mess of worthless pleasures. Low-goals are the trap of a mediocre life.

No-goal is the pathway to a wasteful existence; wasting potentials, resources, energy and time. High-goals are the lead way to high accomplishments in life. Wrong-goals are the embodiment of frustration.

Wrong goals are goals that steal peace of mind; breeds contempt rather than content; erodes fulfillment; lowers self-worth due to the defilement of character and leaves you worse off inwardly than before. Great goals make you a better person and consequently make the world a better place. Therefore, unveil a new you into the New Year. You can! You will!

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