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Six things you can put into your mouth-to give you a boost!

By Bunmi Sofola

Nutrition experts believe that stimulating your tongue and lips with these treats will up the levels of the body’s feel-good chemical, serotomin.

1.Chocolate: Who doesn’t feel a buzz after eating a chocolate?

2.Your lover’s tongue: A passionate kiss can instantly melt away stress.

3.Alcohol: Small amounts give you a lift. But too much will have the opposite effect.

4.Zinc: An essential element in our diets. Oysters, Brazil nuts and frankfurter sausages are rich sources. It’s supposed to improve your sex life too.

5.Curry: Not to everyone’s taste, but it does give you a delicious tingling sensation around the lips and tongue.

6.St. John’s Wort: A herbal remedy to beat the blues. It doesn’t work immediately but will help to increase serotonin levels in the longer term. Avoid this if you’re taking the pill or other medication.


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