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Nigeria’s Blamer in Chief – Reno

As I write this, President Donald Trump has just fulfilled another promise with the passage of the Tax Bill that gives Americans a tax break. In ten months, Trump has fulfilled most of his campaign promises. My question to Nigerians is this-how many promises has President Buhari fulfilled in almost three years?

He has not fulfilled his promise to create three million jobs per annum.

He has not fulfilled his promise to make the Naira equal to a dollar.

He has not fulfilled his promise to defeat Boko Haram.

He has not fulfilled his promise to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.

He has not fulfilled his promise to give job seekers a job seekers allowance.

So, what promise has he fulfilled?

And the annoying thing is that his supporters love to hate President Trump.

Donald Trump became America’s President and in 6 months the American economy hit a 17 year high. Muhammadu Buhari became Nigeria’s President and in 6 months our economy entered a recession. Leadership matters. Everything rises or falls on leadership!

All these, yet Buharists spend all their time on social media attacking Trump!

Rather than fulfill the promises he freely made on the campaign trail, President Buhari continues to blame and blame. I have never seen such a fellow! The man can blame for Africa!

Sometimes I begin to suspect that the President lives in a reality distortion zone in which he believes that by denying all his promises he can hold his head high and say that he has nothing to fulfill.

At the very peak travel period of the year when Nigerians traditionally travel back to their hometowns, the nation is gripped in a crippling fuel scarcity and our President, who also doubles as our petroleum minister has not said or done anything to ease the situation. Perhaps he is thinking of who to blame!

And look at the idiotic reason they gave for the fuel scarcity. Claiming that President Buhari has performed so well that Nigerians bought too many cars and so we had a sharp increase in fuel consumption. They lie like children. They forgot that Nigerian auto manufacturers announced last month that car sales have dropped to an all time low. Even when it comes to lies, they can’t come up with intelligent lies!

The President’s many peccadilloes have helped him shed the toga of incorruptibility he once had. Not surprisingly though. You cannot say a man is not corrupt if he has never really had the chance to be corrupt.

Yes, Buhari has had chances before now, but those chances were always cut short. The Buhari we have seen these past two and a half years is the real Buhari in all his grand disappointment. The definition of the word anti-climax.

Just recently, I stumbled on a newspaper headline from Sunday, January 29, 1984 with the screaming headline ‘Buhari Blames Middlemen for Poor Economy’.

And then it struck me. The most consistent thing in the character of the President is the inability to take responsibility for things that happen under his watch and to engage in blame shifting to his predecessors or his opposition.

When I was in primary school, Buhari blamed President Shagari. When I was in Secondary school, Buhari blamed President Babangida. When I was in university Buhari blamed President Obasanjo. Now I am working, Buhari is blaming President Jonathan. When will Buhari ever accept responsibility? If Nigerians wanted someone who knew how to blame, they would have elected Milli Vanilli, not Buhari. Buhari was elected President to solve problems not blame people!

And I expect another round of blame games in this affair surrounding Innocent Chukwuma, the founder and Chairman of Innoson Vehicle Motors.

‪It seems the Federal Government has jettisoned Jonathan’s policy of buying made in Nigeria cars for Buhari’s policy of arresting made in Nigeria car manufacturers! For those who have been asking for a clear definition of the word ‘change’, I hope this definition is clear enough?

Only last week, President Buhari went to Kano to free 500 criminals who add very little value to Nigeria. Now this week, the armed wing of the All Progressive Congress, AKA the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, has arrested Innocent Chukwuma who provides employment for over 5,000 Nigerians. Can you now see the priority of the Buhari administration? Prisoners over industrialists!

How can the same EFCC that has not arrested Babachir Lawal, a proven thief, or Abdulrasheed Maina, who was given security details by the Buhari administration, now go and arrest Innocent Chukwuma the founder of Innoson Motors, the only Nigerian manufacturing made in Nigeria cars? Is it a sin to be a 5 percenter in Buhari’s Nigeria?

The Buhari government quickly arrests Innocent Chukwuma, the five percenter Innoson who creates jobs for Nigerians, yet can’t arrest the guilty ninety-seven percenter herdsmen who kill Nigerians.

Is it that if you want to progress in Buhari’s Nigeria you should kill Nigerians instead of creating jobs for them? First, they dealt with INTELS, now they are dealing with Innoson. They can’t create jobs. They have lost 6 million jobs that PDP created. Now they are destroying those who can create jobs. Is the APC a curse to Nigeria?

And the saddest part of the Buhari saga is that the President has shown that he is unteachable. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” President Buhari has been blaming and nothing has changed, yet he keeps blaming. Is it time to begin to question the President’s sanity?

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