December 20, 2017

Mayweather in talks over ‘billion dollar’ deal

Mayweather in talks over ‘billion dollar’ deal


Floyd Mayweather is legitimately considering competing in mixed martial arts, according to UFC president Dana White.


Joe Rogan, longtime UFC commentator and close friend of White, revealed the incredible news on his hugely popular podcast on Tuesday after a conversation with the UFC supremo.

Undefeated boxing icon Mayweather retired from the sport in August after winning the 50th fight of his professional career against MMA’s biggest star, Conor McGregor.

And the Money Team leader recently claimed he had been offered £1billion for a multi-fight deal to fight inside the octagon, something Rogan’s claims back up.

‘Floyd talked about it,’ the comedian said on The Joe Rogan Experience. ‘This is one thing I can tell you: Dana told me that Floyd wants to make a deal in the UFC.

‘Like legitimately. I texted him, I go ‘Is Floyd really talking about fighting MMA?’

‘He goes ‘Yeah, he’s f****** crazy. I told him he’d get killed. But he’s still talking about doing it.’ Talk of Mayweather switching combat sports first arose when the 40-year-old posted a video on social media last week.

He said: ‘If I want, I can go, I can come right back to the UFC, I can go fight in the Octagon. I can do a three or four fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars.’