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Fatherhood, sonship in ministry (IV)

Dr. Francis Akin-John

Fatherless sons – responsible to nobody but themselves. These are sons that deny having a father and see no need to have one. They want total freedom from any fa-ther figure in their lives and are a law to themselves.

  1. Prodigal sons – wasters and sinful. These are sons that fall away through their carelessness and willfulness, thereby wasting the investments of God and their spiritual parents on them.
  2. Pleasing sons – a pride, joy and promotion to the father. “My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments. Proverbs 3:1. My son, give me thine heart, and let thine heart observe my ways” Proverbs 23:26.

You can only be blessed and ben-efit maximally when you are a true and pleasing son to your father – Pro.31, 11; 27: 11. The first four types of son will not really make headway in life and ministry. It is only the fifth type of son that will be really blessed by God and his father. So, be a good and plea-sing son to whoever you make a father or mentor in life and ministry.

  1. Even if you are fatherless, go and prayerfully, carefully choose a good and godly father.
  2. Formally tell him that you are making him your father or mentor
  3. Strive to build a cordial relationship with your father.
  4. Publicly proclaim your father to others.
  5. Be open to the correction and rebuke of your father.
  6. Don’t expect your spiritual father to be an angel- he is human after all.
  7. Forgive his mistakes, once they are not blatant sins and errors.
  8. Take good care of your father in cash and kind.
  9. Visit, relate and spend time with your father as much as possible.
  10. Consciously seek your father’s blessing always.
  11. Prove to your father that you are not a bastard and his invest-ment is not a waste on you.

Relationship with Spiritual Fathers

Unfortunately, too many minist-ers don’t know how to truly choose nor relate with a spiritual father. Very many only have spiritual fathers in name only, yet they build no relationship with their fathers. Others are still sulking from the injuries and abuses inflicted on them by their past fathers. How-ever, you must allow God, to, heal your hurts and move on to choose good and godly mentors over your life and work.

It takes good relationship before you can enjoy the maximum ben-efit of a spiritual father.

  1. You must carefully pray and seek the Lord for a spiritual father, and formally inform him.
  2. You must watch, see and observe the life and teachings of your father. Don’t follow blindly. This is very crucial. Don’t choose a mentor or father because of public image or outward success in ministry.
  3. Your spiritual father must be someone you admire, love and happy to be with.
  4. Your spiritual father must spend time with you and share together.
  5. Your spiritual father must know you, your story, struggles and successes.
  6. Your spiritual father must speak to your life regularly.
  7. You must profit and be pro-moted by the counsel and prayers of your father.
  8. You must not be ashamed to show off your spiritual father.
  9. You must follow the example of your spiritual father.
  10. You must sow into and tap into the wisdom, grace and anoin-ting of your father.

The Fathers Blessing – Gen. 27:4,33; 48:15; 49:22-26

Fathers have power and author-ity over their sons. They can make and unmake through their bless-ings or curse. Many leaders have no physical or spiritual father to bless them and their work, reason for struggling and failure.

*Fathers blessing brings pro-motion. *Fathers blessing brings Exaltation. *Fathers blessing brings Fruitfulness. *Fathers blessing brings Victory. *Fathers blessing brings Favour. *Fathers blessing brings Breakthrough. *Fathers blessing brings Release from curse. *Fathers blessing breaks old law and brings new.

An unspoken blessing over a child means the child will inherit all the negative points of the father. Abraham never really blessed Isaac (Gen. 25:5). He therefore inherited delayed child, backsliding, lying of the father and his physical wealth.

Leaders and fathers must intentionally and deliberately bless their child-ren. Sons must deliberately seek the blessing of their fathers. Some-thing will really be missing in your life without the blessing of a father. But beware of the negative impact of a backsliding and abusive fa-ther.

In closing, kindly take these few lessons to heart and let them reflect in your work and walk with the Lord. Worship and serve the Lord wholeheartedly, but also recognize the place of mentors, fathers and seniors in ministry. Don’t worship man, but follow wisely and carefully. Make sure you don’t imbibe the mistakes and sins of your fathers.


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