THE advocate of the “common sense revolution” has said a few things of late which are far from “common sense”. He wants the Nigerian Television Authority, the Federal Radio Corporation Nigeria and the VON (Voice of Nigeria) to be sold to lessen government expenditure.

Do NTA, VON and FRCN cost more to maintain than the Senate? Senator’s allowances alone could shore up government revenue, which must have occurred to Senator Murray-Bruce. Is the Senate more productive than the NTA? It’s probably a stalemate. These agencies should be audited and restructured, not sold off. Would Britain sell the BBC? Free public news and information agencies are a citizen’s right, they exist all over the world.

Murray-Bruce was a former DG of NTA, shortly before he started the Silverbird media group. Perhaps a review of his tenure is in order, to determine how and when the “rot” which took over such agencies began.


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