December 28, 2017

8 things to do in 2018

8 things to do in 2018

1  Write yourself a letter

If you have ever kept a diary you have a good idea of how to be in a conversation with yourself. Experts say speaking with yourself often brings clarity and allows better perspectives as well as better vision.

Find time to sit down and write a nice long ‘dear Future Me’ letter. Be brutally honest and also outline your failures . Also be kind enough to yourself and do not be coy to sing your own praises . Talk about your expectations, hopes and dreams and do not forget to discuss your goals . Go to the post office and post the letter . Read it as though it’s from a friend when the letter arrives. In actual fact, it is.

2  Give to charity or someone that can’t pay you back

It has been said that giving is the only key to true happiness, peace and fulfillment and it’s time to put this theory to the test especially if you are lacking in any of the above department .

Take time to consult credible charities to find out who needs what. Do this often. Once you open this door you might be shocked at what is behind it.

3  Volunteer

There can be no empathy until you have travelled in someone else’s shoes, and what better way to do that than doing unpaid work. Find a charity that appeals to you and render a service at least once a quarter in 2018. If you think giving your money is tough try giving your heart. The flip side is that spending your time and energy doing unpaid work will likely give you a sense of accomplishment you had never felt before.

4  See a live play or show

It’s always at the back of your mind somewhere, but there is just never enough time. 2018 is the year to begin to live your life in a deliberate manner. Make plans with friends one weekend to explore your cultural side or get back in touch with the inner child. Scream along with everyone else and sing songs that are familiar to you.

5  Travel somewhere new

2018 is a good year to develop your lust for the road as it were. Do it the old fashioned way-     get a map of Nigeria or anywhere else. Blindfold yourself and touch a spot with a pencil. Persuade your significant other to go with you. Plan activities that are peculiar to the particular region you are going to. Take photos, make memories   and friends. Boast to all your friends about your trips and bring them souvenirs.

6  Have a conversation with a total stranger

Whether it’s a party, meeting, outing or networking event, the tendency is for you to hang around people you do know and you are comfortable with. In 2018 make it a point to break psycosocial barriers that may be keeping you from meeting your goals.

If the stranger begins the conversation it is all well and good but if not, fish out a one –liner to the rescue . Talk about the food, the weather, the entertainer at the event. Ask a question even if you already know the answer to it. Turn on the charm and watch your subject turn to butter in your hands.

7  Cook and entertain

Don’t know how? You have the whole year to learn and there are few things more stimulating than learning a totally new skill or learning the professional version of an old skill. Start by investing in new crockery and pretty little somethings that might be of interest to your guests to come.

There is always a theme to work around and you basically cannot run out of them. Christmas, Sallah, New year, birthdays , football games , mothers’ days , father’s day, Valentines Day   and so on. Find friends and neighbors who can cook and spend more time with them. Recruit help when possible whether paid or unpaid. Entertaining takes commitment and generosity; as well as social graces.

8  Sleep in a farmhouse for one week.

Free range goat meat, vegetables from soil to pot to your plate, water cooled only by earthen pots. Fresh air and no carbon monoxide from generators. Go to bed at  9pm  and wake up to see the sun rise. Everybody has a village or knows someone who does so take one weekend off and go and visit after an all clear from your doctor. Your life will never be the same again.