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Social media is a platform for showing off – Inem Peter

By Ayo Onikoyi

Sexy and in-your-face Akwa Ibom State-born Nollywood actress, Inem Peter is one of the most present queens of the social media. The rear-tower endowed actress in a recent interview with Potpourri admitted that the social media, especially the Instagram is a platform for showing off while declaring that she never posted any picture on Instagram with any ulterior motive.

Inem Peter

“The pictures I post on social media are not intentional, trust me. Whenever I post a picture, I don’t do it for any ulterior motive. My curves have been there for a long time, how come people are only just noticing it?” she asked, adding that the platform is for showing off anyways and she posts what she has.

“People come on social media to flaunt money, cars, big houses and all. I don’t have money to show off, so, I just flaunt my curves (laughs). That’s the idea behind the whole thing, everyone shows off what they have. Social media is a platform for showing off, she said.

Speaking of comments she received over her posts, which are oftentimes, sensual pictures, showing off her curves and her booty in particular, the actress said it had been crazy to cope with the flow.

“The comments that people put up on my pictures on social media are crazy, it’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone. I can’t even bring myself to read such comments most times. These are people who don’t know me and haven’t seen my movies; it’s a whole lot for me, and handling such situation is not easy for me”, she said.


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