November 16, 2017

Police lied over attack on Wike’s convoy — Rivers govt

Police lied over attack on Wike’s convoy — Rivers govt

Wike and Amaechi

By Jimitota Onoyume

RIVERS State government has described as misleading and unfortunate, a report released by the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Zaki Ahmed, saying that neither Governor Nyesom Wike’s life nor that of the Minister of Transportation. Mr Chibuike Amaechi, was threatened, last Saturday at the scene of the incident involving convoys of the duo.

Wike and Amaechi

Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mr Emma Okah, in a statement, yesterday, said it was clear the report was allegedly written for the Police to save their image, stressing that the Police report had shown alleged plans to assassinate the governor.

He said: “The Rivers State Government has rejected and dismissed the Nigeria Police report on the convoy attack on the governor of Rivers State. The biased report is a sad development for the police force that has chosen to disgrace itself. The Police did not investigate the matter but acted a script written for it.

‘’From the totality of the statement of the Police in Rivers State, it is very obvious that plans and strategies have reached advanced stages to eliminate the governor of Rivers State Mr. Nyesom Wike, and the incident of last Saturday is a manifestation of the plans of the Police.

‘’It is wicked and wrong for the Police to treat a state governor like a subordinate of a minister, more so when the Police has been receiving tremendous logistics and financial support from the Rivers State Government. Not to recognize the priority of the governor’s convoy over any other convoy in the state except those allowed by law, is a national embarrassment. Could this be the reason the Nigeria Police was recently voted as the worst in the whole world?

“It is deliberate falsehood for the Police to say that at the time the outrider got to Nkpogu Junction and intercepted the Minister’s SUV Black Lexus 750 Jeep, the convoy of the governor was 400 meters away. It is even more satanic for the same police to say that they did not know how the outrider fell from his bike.

‘’The governor’s convoy was a short one on that day and the outrider who is the first part of the convoy was certainly not up to 60 meters away from the governor. If the Police was in doubt as to who knocked down the outrider, why did they not ask the rider?

“It further mangles logic that the Police is confused as to who has the No. 1 convoy right in the state. Is the office of minister above that of the governor of a state in Nigeria? It is wrong for the Police to accord priority to the convoy of a Minister over and above that of the state governor, confirming accusations that the Police has low regard for the government and people of Rivers State

“When a police high command indulges in deliberate falsehood and closes its eyes to the truth, the people cannot trust it and the result is an express invitation to anarchy as the police is doing in Rivers State.

“Even if it was an accident, there should be a cause and an effect. There should be a party who is at fault. Even a traffic warden who raises his hand controls a traffic and he is obeyed by all. Why is the Police avoiding a preliminary finding of guilt against the Minister of Transport?

‘’The Claim by the police that it will discipline officers found blameworthy in the ugly incident is the usual pattern and trick to shield SARS officers in the minister’s convoy and dismiss police officers in the convoy of the governor and frighten those who may want to defend the governor in case of future attack. ”