Developing skill to invest in animal farming is profitable, especially now that the government is making concerted efforts to fix the Nigerian economy recovering from recession. Among all, grasscutter farming in Nigeria is a huge business opportunity that increases the income of low earners, retirees and most importantly create job opportunities for unemployed Nigerians who have the interest. Investing in animal farming helps in reducing the rate of unemployment especially in developing countries of Africa which has good climate for agriculture.

Today grasscutter farming has enriched many farmers because of the demands for it.

According to animal Consultant and Managing Director, Jovana Farms, Prince Arinze Onnebunna, before now, people didn’t want to accept grasscutter farming as a good business. If you tell somebody then that you were into grasscutter business, he wouldn’t understand you, people thought you were into a hobby, and wondered if a person can become a millionaire from that.

“People didn’t want to accept the fact that you can make money from grasscutter. It was a wrong understanding. Nowadays, millions could be made from grasscutter farming. Apart from a few commercial farms in the country, grasscutters are probably the least farmed livestock in Nigeria. This is quite shocking given the amazing features of the grasscutters that make it such a lucrative business venture.

Onnebunna said that Jovana Farms houses grasscutters in top class concrete cages which is a major strategy that encourages easy and massive reproduction. “This casted floor portrays natural habitat for the animals, making them more comfortable and prolific!

To give you an idea of the profitability of this venture, 1-female grasscutter can produce 14-babies in a year, table size grasscutter can fetch up to N10,000-N12,000, a breeding colony of top quality crossbreed grasscutter can sell for up to N60,000-N65,000″.

Why you should consider  grasscutter farming:

According to him, “grasscutter allows the farmer to make higher and quicker returns on investment. In recent years, a number of livestock producers have converted to grasscutter farming because of its amazing profitability. Compared to other traditional farm animals, grasscutters are quite easy to produce and most grasscutter farm projects turn out to be very successful.

As we mentioned earlier, grasscutter meat is by far the healthiest alternative to all  traditional meats. It has lower fat, calories and cholesterol than beef, chicken, turkey, pork, etc!

A huge portion of grasscutter meat comes from the leg, thigh, and back. Because grasscutter meat is very lean, they are fast becoming a favourite with people who want to live healthy but still love meat. Grasscutter gives these people the best of both worlds!

It’s usually advised to start with a breeding stock of top genetics and pair them 1-male and 4-females, they’re very fertile.

Succulent grasses are their main food! But if you’re raising them for profit, it makes a whole lot of sense to provide good quality, balanced and nutritious diets so they can grow well and fetch a handsome market price!

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