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Would you donate a kidney to an ex?

To voluntarily have one of your internal organs removed and given to a stranger does sound a bit crazy. But lately I’ve been speaking to quite a few people who deem it perfectly rational, and who struggle to understand why more people don’t do it.

While jeopardizing your future health to donate a kidney to a loved one is understandable, would you make that sacrifice for an ex? Whether it be a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. I sought the opinion of some entertainers and here are their responses;

Of course, I will! Why not? — Annette Cookey, Singer

Annette Cookey

Truth is, I can go the extra mile for even a stranger in dire need. If I am his only hope, then, why not? I will. We need to realize that human life matters so much more than any grudge we may have. Saving a life should always be priority (no matter who) as long as you are safe first.

I can’t, she’s an ex – Senator, comedian


I can’t o. She’s an ex. Why will I donate it to my ex? It’s not an ex kidney, it’s my current kidney (Laughs). I don’t think I can anyway. Besides I don’t have that much feelings for her as to sacrifice my kidney. Her current boyfriend can help out.

Hell no! None of my ex is worth it! —Mimisola, Actress


None of my ex is worth donating a kidney to. From my research, it takes twenty-five years or more to survive with a kidney…. I can donate to an ex if I am probably seventy. But at my present age? Hell no! None is worth. And what is wrong with is wife or girlfriend?

And what explanation should I gave to my husband/boyfriend? I can’t donate to him and I’m probably not gonna be his only ex.

I won’t even dare – Blessing Egbogho, Actress

Blessing Egbogho

Never, I will not even dare it. I can support him with some money, if I have. If I don’t I won’t kill my self. Because my past is my past. I hate going back to my past. Then he can go and join his ancestors. I Will only wish his soul to rest in peace.

Old things have passed away —Ijeoma Imoh, Actress

Ijeoma Imoh

Why is he my ex? Old things have passed away. He should meet God on time so that his punishment will not add up. What if I die trying to save him? Then I have committed suicide too. Or better still, he will pay a lot of cash.

No! Am I mentally deranged? – Seyi Hunter, Actress

Seyi Hunter

Donate a kidney to an ex? Am I mentally deranged? I can’t even donate to a lover not to talk of ex! He should go search elsewhere. Giving a kidney to a husband is dangerous because men are not reliable. He’ll use your kidney to sleep around, beat you up, divorce you or even marry someone else. How much more giving someone who dumped your ass.

A lot has to be considered —Theresa Edem, Actress

Theresa Edem

Donating my kidney is serious stuff and being an ex has nothing to do with it. First of all, there’s the health implications. Can my body function properly with one kidney? There’s the fact that I now have a family to consider. So all these are factors to check before deciding. My ex is a human being, and I will always do my best to help people but not to the detriment of my health and family.


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