November 26, 2017

Concise compendium of Umunede history

Concise Compendium of Umunede History compiled and authored  by Hon. Frank Igwebuike Chief the Honourable Frank Igwebuike gave an abridged historical overview of  the ancient town Umunede. The town is located in an undulating plateau about sixteen kilometers from Agbor on the west, sixty kilometers from Asaba on the east.

It is sandwiched by neighbours like Akumazi and Ekwuoma on the east, Agbor and Emuhu on the west, Mbiri on the north, Igbodo on the north-east,  Otolokpo and Owa on the south. It has a land mass of about 20 square kilometers (13 square miles), with a population of 54,571 people.

The history of Umunede dates back to 1255 A.D with Ede and Iye as its founders, Whose four children Ileje, Obi, Oba and Ile where named after  the four quarters of the town. The leadership system of this ancient town is monarchy and their initial reference/ title their king was Eze until 1919 when the HRH Obi Onyeagwu was given the royal ada (Scimitar) from Oba Eweka 11.

This book is divided into six chapters highlighted on the important aspect of the culture, system of government, marriage and the way of life of this unique people. The first chapter took a cursory look at the general information, size, population, origin and the founder of the town Ede.

The second chapter traces the origin of royalty, to the time of Emperors and sumed it up with the fall of would be empire into modern kingship. The third chapter highlight on the institutions that made up the traditional authority of the Kingdom.

While Chapter four deals with the elements of a valid marriage, its requirements and the various stages required of a prospective suitor to undergo to be named a man. Then Chapter five examined the place of Umunede in contemporary politics of Delta State, while recommending that with oneness Umunede will fare better politically. The last chapter is a compilation of the ‘first in Umunede’ in different works of life.