November 16, 2017

Anambra election: Let no darkness fall

Anambra  election: Let no darkness fall

Obiano, Obaze, Nwoye and Ezeemo.

YOUR Excellency, this open letter is necessitated by the urgent need to rekindle purposeful leadership that will fan the embers of Nigerian unity.

Your Excellency, November 18th, 2017 presents you with another opportunity to write your name in gold, consolidating your achievements as the chief servant of Anambra people.

The date remains sacrosanct as it is going to be another test of Nigerian election.

However, my concern in all of this, is the peace and tranquility that will possibly guarantee the safety of the people and the existing infrastructures in the state.

As a matter of importance, you must do all within your powers to ensure that peace prevails during and after this all-important election.

The place of Anambra in Nigeria’s socio-economic and political development cannot be overemphasised hence, the need to shock those who are praying for darkness to fall in a state reverred as the  “Light of the Nation”.

As the illuminating ‘Light of the Nation’, Anambra State under your watch must do well to shine more brighter devoid of traces of literal darkness.

Obviously, it is another beautiful political era in the history of Anambra State to shine for the sake of  the nation. You, Willie Obiano as the chief security/safety officer of the state must once again show the world that you are more resilient than ever to ensure your humble state remains secured at its enviable pinnacle of glory as the fourth Nigeria’s largest economy.

In July this year  at a breakfast meeting entitled: Investment Promotion and Protection: The Anambra State Experience, Challenges, and Opportunities held at Lagos you said through your  deputy Dr. Nkem Okonkwo that you inherited Anambra State with an average ambition, explaining that through strategic refocusing, the state  had been positioned as one with the greatest chances of producing the most surprising development results  in the next five years, therefore ahead of November 18 gubernatorial election in the state, it is profitable not to let darkness fall.

This great state with a long list of “firsts” in Nigeria history  must shine purer!

However, with the relative peace the state is enjoying since your entrance in the corridor of Anambra politics, there is no gain saying that you and your team came with a clearly defined vision and mission, which is to make Anambra State the first choice investment destination and a hub for industrialisation and commercial activities. As well as a socially stable, business friendly environment that would attract both indigenes and foreigners to seek wealth-creating opportunities.

Right now, the state is at the mercy of November 18th gubernatorial election. It holds the breathe and future of  Anambra State, which must be safeguarded with all intent and purposes.

Anambra State in recent times have been in the eyes of the socio-political storms ocassioned by different level of grievances. However,  I salute your leadership dexterity in calming such storms. The warm, hospitable and highly enterprising features of Anambra State must not be allowed to go down the drain in the name of politicking.

As a safety officer, I owe it a great duty to proclaim the gospel of peace and unity, which is a pivotal instrument for sustainable development as a country.

Apart from changing the narratives of politics, it takes patriotism and selflessness to build a societal gallery of enviable heritage embellished with peace and unity, good governance, accountability and transparency.

Your Excellency, I shall trust your disposition in matters of this nature.

By Esinwoke Chinedum