Anambra Elections

November 15, 2017

Why Anambra elders are behind Obiano — Ezeife

Why Anambra elders are behind Obiano — Ezeife

By Vincent Ujumadu

First civilian governor of the state, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife has given reasons why the state’s elders are backing the incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano for a second term.



Ezeife regretted that the ongoing electioneering campaigns in the state were based on blatant lies and denials, adding that people were even denying the stupendous growth in the agricultural sector, as well as in infrastructural development across the state.

The former governor, who is the chairman of the Elders’ Council said: “In the beginning, Governor Willie Obiano, after being sworn in, told the elders of Anambra State in his first meeting with the council, that his first priority would be security.

“I was the first member to respond to the governor’s statement and I told him that it is only people who feel secure that will come and invest in our economy. Another member of the council stated with emphasis that should the governor succeed with security, he would easily be allowed to go for the second term, although most people doubted the possibility of achieving meaningful security in Anambra State because of the situation the state was in at the time.

“Today, the story is clear and definite. Anambra State is one of the safest in the country. Before Obiano’s security solution, visiting Anambra State was with great fear and some would not dare enter the state. Even in day time, moving around Onitsha was so harzzadous and in general, people smuggled themselves in and out of the state.

“Kidnapping was a regular occurrence and only doubtful and deceitful investors visited Anambra. The story is totally different today as people move without fear and rich people now hold their ceremonies in the state.

“The truth of the matter is that Anambra elders committed themselves to Governor Obiano that if he succeeded with solving the security problem, they would support his second term bid. Indeed, it is now the debt we owe him and we should do it with happiness and celebration.”

According to Ezeife, it was quite possible and likely that most people in the state had taken security for granted, but Nigerians knew what happened.