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How to achieve real success — Bishop Odeleke

By  Olayinka Latona

…Charges youths to wake up, make Nigeria great again

Worried by the level of moral decadence in the country, the founder of Power Pentecostal Church, (Agbala Agbara Olorun Kiibati),   Bishop Omobolanle Odeleke has admonished parents to inculcate good morals in their children early in life to ensure that they do not grow up to become wayward.

Bishop Odeleke

Speaking ahead of the annual convention of the church with the theme: ‘Break Through To Success’, Odeleke, who pioneered television evangelism with the likes of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa and late Prophet Timothy Obadare, blamed moral decadence in the society on the inability of parents to inculcate sound teaching to their children at early stages of their lives.

She said individual’s success or failure depended on the quality of parental upbringing he/she received early in life She argued that since parents play a vital role in the lives of their children, they have to build a solid foundation for them to enable them live decent lives.

The church annual convention

“Every year we gather to celebrate our annual convention; it is a one week event that is filled with various spiritual programmes.   There is going to be ordination of evangelists, deacons and deaconesses from our various branches.

Some of our guest speakers during the convention include, Bishop Michael Adekoya of Praise Communion Church, Pastor Israel Odiase, Rev. Lawrence Olojede, Pastor Michael Aluko, Pastor Godwin Ebulu as well as our own Rev Neye Enemigan.

Also during this spiritual gathering, we are going to remember our first President in this ministry, Major General Lasun Odeleke, he was one of our pastors in this ministry and this year marks the 27thyear that he went to be with the Lord.

There will be various skills acquisition programmes for the youths, we also partner with Bank Of Industry so that our youths will be adequately informed on how to source for loan to kick start any business of their choice.

The uniqueness of this year’s convention

We used to have our convention every August but we have decided to celebrate it every November from now on and this is because, the church has decided to celebrate my 43 years on the pulpit and also remember my late husband, Odeleke who was the first president of this ministry who died 27 years ago.

The theme of the convention

This year’s theme is: ‘Break Through to Success’ and it is from the book of Proverb 24: 3-4. God gave me this theme in the place of prayer.    I don’t just pick themes at random, God always give it to us in this church. God  told me that we have been experiencing and recording successes but that this year’s convention will be more than what we have been experiencing for the past 43 years.

Many Nigerians are suffering in the midst of plenty, how can they break through from this cycle?

It is a pity that most Nigerians are suffering right now in the midst of plenty, this is a country that is blessed with numerous natural resources, yet we still have poverty in the land. Through this convention, we want to show Nigerians what real success or godly success entails. It is only through God that one can have real success. It is not about looking up to the government alone or shouting the name of Mr. President, some of our leaders are not even sure of what to do next, they have done all they can do within their capacity.

If anybody wants to break through to real success, such person must know the meaning of success they want to break into, because any success that is not through God is just a waste of time. Real success is a process which involves developing a mature and strong personality that wants to breakthrough.

What is our objective as a country, if truly we want to achieve real success,   almost every man either young or old talks about success or breakthrough in Nigeria but ask them what nature of success do they need, most of them cannot explain what they really need. A thief that burgled a house will also claim success.

But the success we are talking about involves first dealing with ourselves as a nation, we should look inward and see how we can contribute positively towards the growth and development of I

Minister’s conference with theme: ‘Taking Over Territory’

In choosing our theme: “Taking over Territory”, we found out that lot of the affections of this world have taken our world from us, it has taken our life. In the same way, we want to take back all that the power of darkness has taken from us.

On Monday, Christ Message Ministry in conjunction with Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN & Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Isolo LCDA and other believers will join us to engage in spiritual warfare against the power of darkness and regain our territory for Jesus Christ and through this, we believe God will heal and deliver our land.

Our aim is Jesus Christ, we want to win more souls into God’s kingdom, intercede for our land and also talk about how we can make the lives of our members better.

Restoration of our value system

It is very worrisome that moral values have been eroded in our society, many people don’t know the meaning of value or how to add value to themselves. Values are the ethos guiding our daily lives. They are the unwritten but memorised codes by which we live. Before now, short cuts to success, wealth, fame and fortune were abhorred.

Sudden wealth would surely alert prying eyes of neighbours, sneering remarks of friends and the jeers and taunts from family. The only known route was hard work. Then, hard work really and only truly paid, but not anymore. Now, success without preparations or wealth without work is being celebrated everywhere.

There is need for parents to set quality moral value for their children right from their childhood, educate them and instill discipline in them, tell the children not to follow the crowd in doing evil but contribute meaningfully towards the development of our society

Parents must teach their children on how to have value for life, care for others, respect the elders and I believe when we instill all these and more into them, they will become a better person and this will have positive impact in our nation.

We must become ‘our brother’s keepers,’ just as we must get interested in what they do and don’t, for it would rub off on all eventually.

Sudden riches or wealth must not be celebrated, as it denigrates hard work. Nigerians must have respect for our nation, Nigeria, you cannot obtain British or America Passport by telling lies, you will be reported to the police and this is because of the love they have for their country. Nigerians should please have respect for this country, we should have value for our country and we can only achieve this when we have value for ourselves.

Advice for Nigerian youths

They should have achievable goal and vision for themselves; they should begin to think of how to add value into our political system, not going into politics with the mindset of embezzling public funds. There is need for the youths to plan, for them to have a better and glorious future than what we are experiencing now. It is time for the youths to wake up from their slumber and start thinking about how to make this country great again.

My opinion on tithing

Most of the people speaking against tithing have quoted series of bible passages but I love to speak the reality. Money is used to run all things in the church including salary of full time pastors. I have been a full time minster for the past 43 years; I do not have any other job or business that I am running. If the congregations do not bring their tithes and offerings, how do we maintain the ministry work?

Those who are against tithing cannot decide for us, money is needed in running the church, the church must move on and I believe any good Christian will not listen or succumb to the argument of not paying tithe. A good Christian knows his or her Bible, knows what God is saying concerning tithe and will comply with God’s instructions.

The Church CSR

We have been giving back to the society in numerous ways, especially when it comes to empowering of the youths and some are on scholarship. We have Lasun Bola Odeleke foundation that takes care of education of the less privileged among us



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