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It is unjust to favour one religion – Rev. Ayokunle, CAN President

Revelations 21:24-26 says,   24:”The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor (glory) into it.

Rev. Ayokunle,

25: “On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there.

26: “The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it.”

From the above Bible verses, it is clear that every nation in the world has her glory. Nigeria is not left out. Our glory is our pride as a nation. When we got independence from Britain in 1960, it was a turning point in our history and a breakthrough for the nation’s glory to burst forth.

Our glory shone brighter and brighter after independence as we became the foremost nation in Africa and indeed among the black race. However, at a point, the glory began to fade and is yet to shine as expected again due to lack of task oriented leadership, corruption, nepotism, ethnic chauvinism and religious division among others. If we must rise to more glory as a nation, the following areas of our national life must be looked into critically:

  1. Religion: Everyone has an inner craving for God, thus, Nigerians must be allowed to practice their religions without fear and restrictions.
  2. There must be freedom of religion in every part of the country. We cannot rule out God in the development of a nation. No state must prevent people from building their places of worship or get valid papers for such as it is presently in some parts of our nation. Likewise, government must stop patronizing one religion more than the others in terms of policies and appointments. For example, why should Nigerian government get Sukuk loan which is an Islamic loan and is Sharia compliant. It is asset based; this means that by getting it, part of our land is jointly owned by the loan giver. This is an encroachment on our sovereignty.
  3. Politics: This is the system of governing ourselves as a nation. There is the need to update how we govern ourselves, thus, restructuring the nation after 56 years is a welcome development. It must be done without bias or prejudice to religion, ethnicity, class or group affiliation. We must develop our home grown democracy. The present system is a hybrid of the American and British system. It is not working well for us.
  4. There is nothing wrong in making the position of President rotate round the three major regions in the country, that is, the North, the West and the East so as to douse ethnic tension and give a sense of belonging to all regions.
  5. Education: Development and growth is driven by education. Our educational system is in shambles and needs complete overhauling. We should study in depth and adapt Japan’s educational revolution that brought them out of the World War 2 rubbles to become the third largest economy in the world.
  6. Agriculture: God’s covenant with man is to till the land for food and fruitfulness. A nation that cannot feed herself is not glorious. We still import food in billions of naira. As small as Israel is in population and landmass, Europe and America depend on her fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It will interest us to know that Israel is in the desert yet she grows fruits and vegetables for other countries to purchase. The nation even exports banana which is supposed to be forest plant. We need to under study Israel’s Agricultural revolution and replicate same in our nation. This would reduce unemployment in the nation.
  7. Science, Information and Technology: America, China and Japan are the three largest economies in the world. The strength of America is in the export of Science and Technology to countries of the world. China and Japan caught this revelation and they followed suit. They grew rapidly in science and information, little wonder they rose quickly and today the glories of China and Japan are seen all over the world. There is hardly any product you buy today that is not “made in China” or “made in Japan”.
  8. The Asian tigers like South Korea and Malaysia are also following suit. We need a revolution in this area too. If our education system is okay, then this area will be easy to explore. In this respect, foreign investment is desirable in power generation which is crucial for development.
  9. Youths, Sports and Entertainment: The strength of every nation is her young people. We have neglected the youths in our nation and that is why a glorious future for Nigeria is becoming a mirrage. We need to take some cues from developed nations that invest heavily in young people. Sport is an area where Nigeria has received glory in the past (Boxing, Athletics, Football, Wrestling etc).We must reinvent the wheel of all sports not just football. America is influencing the culture and language of the whole world through Hollywood.
  10. The entertainment industry in America is second to her Science and Technology in terms of revenue generation. We have Nollywood reputed to be the second largest entertainment industry in the world but with minimum impact. We only need to set our priorities right and make it a money-spinner for the nation. It will also be an avenue to project the image of the country.
  11. Business and Corporate World: The Jews secretly control the economy of the world today. This they do through the business and corporate world in America, Germany, Russia, and Britain to mention a few. We must empower the Business and Corporate world in Nigeria. If this is done, we can compete with any nation on the global scene.

Our economy must be diversified and this must be reflected in budgeting for the tapping of different aspects of our economic resources. Solid minerals for example are virtually untapped. Diversification off the economy will not only increase our revenue and export earnings, it would provide employment for many unemployed young Nigerians and reduce insecurity in the nation.

Finally, government must address insecurity in the nation. If the factors listed above are addressed, to a large extent, insecurity would be reduced. The size of the police taking care of the internal security of our nation is too abysmal. They equally must be equipped well and the level of training they receive must be improved upon.


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