By Jeremiah Urowayino

The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) has called on the Federal Government to urgently pay attention to the clamour for restructuring,  in the interest of a more united and peaceful Nigeria.

NAS, in a statement signed by the National president  Arthur Boje Esq. said “We call on the federal government to pay heed to the urgent need for a structured and democratic response to address the imperfections in the structure and style of our country and its governments.

The statement reads, “A federation in which the Federal Government exclusively controls the making of laws and policy in relation to a 68-item excusive legislative list, while sharing powers with State Governments in relation to a 24-item concurrent legislative list, requires restructuring.

“A federal state in which officials of the federating units embark on a monthly pilgrimage to the seat of the central government in order to collect funding and occasional subventions (without making much of an effort to grow their respective sub-national economies) is surely a good candidate for restructuring.

“ An educational system that brazenly demands from one pupil a score of up to 130 points while requiring from his or her classmate a mere 4 points to qualify for the next class, solely on the basis of their different ethnic backgrounds, certainly needs to be restructured.

“political office holders who “served” for only 4 or 8 years, are rewarded with hundreds of millions of Naira in lifetime pensions and free housing, while retired civil servants who sacrificed as long as 35 years of their lives in the service of the nation, slump and sometimes die, on endless queues, waiting for paltry pension receipts that they cannot be sure will ever come, needs to be restructured.

“It is our considered opinion that these, and many other manifestations of structural imbalance, are not only major impediments to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria, but also the major triggers of the increased tension and restiveness across the country”.


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