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NCRIB has improved in the last two years — Okunoren

President of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers, NCRIB,  Mr. Kayode Okunoren, who will step down soon, highlights achievements of his administration in the last two years. Excerpts…

By Rosemary Onuoha

HOW has the last two years been like for you as the President of NCRIB?

At the beginning of my tenure, I highlighted my thrust of office and the challenges that were facing us as a professional body. Though it was not a bed of roses, yet the Council recorded some modest feats in the last two years.

Kayode Okunoren

One is adding greater value to members. I am most delighted that today, it is a pride for any member to belong to the NCRIB, because of the added value members are getting from the Council. Through this value addition we have been able to douse the negative views and a flurry of ill fillings that was the lot of many members about two years ago. We have given value in terms of training. We have also given value in terms of information sharing, leading to facilitation of business through public bids.

Another achievement is the effective liaison with government bodies. It would be recalled that in the last two years, the flurry of penalties and fines being levied on brokers was “killing” and it became a disincentive to business. Today, we have, through constructive dialogue, sought concession for our members with the regulatory authorities, especially NAICOM and the Financial Reporting Council.

What are other achievements?

Another is international relations where we have further the frontiers of relationships with international insurance bodies, especially BIBA and the African Insurance Forum (AIF) with the consequential benefits in form of better training and exposure for members. We have realized that for the industry to continue to be relevant, its members must continually learn and unlearn and have the required exposure to deliver value to their clients. Also, we achieved secretariat staff development as staffers of the Council were given the required exposure by way of training in the last two years.

Realizing that the secretariat is the engine room of knowledge for the Council, my team has provided the required training opportunities for all members of staff to accelerate their potentials to deliver value. We also embarked on image projection, hence, the Council entrenched the corporate visibility project during the period. We realized the need to inch up the image of brokers and pull down several noxious beliefs about their practice.

Today, the corporate visibility project has been warmly received by all members and through it the corporate reputation of the Council and its members have been improved significantly.

While your tenure lasted, how was the relationship between the council and other arms of the industry?

The last two years had witnessed significant cooperation between the NCRIB and other industry operators, namely the CIIN, NIA and ILAN. It may be recalled that the NCRIB chaired the planning committee of the 2017 National Insurance Conference where great feats were recorded in terms of the quality of resource persons and the content of the conference.

We have an understanding that the industry would only move forward if it is cohesive and united. In terms of mentoring, in line with my thrust of office on the mentoring of the upcoming generation, it is a thing of joy that the Council under my leadership took some strides in this regards. There were visitations to some higher institutions where books and other educational materials were distributed.

Similarly, it was taken as a point of duty to invite students of selected higher institutions to editions of members evening programme of the Council in order to make them meet with the professionals and get inspired. It is my belief that these gestures would significantly mould the perception of the younger ones about insurance as a career.



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