October 5, 2017

Happiness is within – Victoria Praise Abraham

By Chris Onuoha
HAPPINESS eludes most people, yet happiness is a critical ingredient to living long. Man’s greatest search is happiness and most men never found true happiness because they equate many things with it.

Victoria Praise Abraham

This is a fact that will continue to haunt majority till eternity because most people do not understand the source of true happiness. In regards to this, an inspirational material in form of book written by a seasoned author, motivational speaker, trainer and facilitator and as well, aspiring movie producer, Victoria Praise Abraham, has come to bear and to elucidate facts about true happiness.

With her latest project called “In pursuit of Happiness: 55 things you can do to increase your happiness,” Ms. Abraham while chatting with Woman’s Own clarified in simple terms the true meaning of happiness which can be achieved without stress, and same time went down the memory lane of life.

“Nigeria and the world globally at the moment are going through difficult period. Our economy is very bad, and as a people we are struggling to understand the government in power. I decided to write a book on happiness because a lot of people grapple with what true happiness is all about.

Height of career success

“Some people think happiness is a feeling, while some others just feel that if they marry, have children, acquire money or attain some height of career success that will make them happy. I believe that one can be fulfilled and be very happy even though he or she have not gotten all that people consider as their true happiness in their lives,” Victoria said.

Stressing on what informs the idea and why she chose to harp on happiness, she said, “The book is to throw more light on the fact that there is more than happiness than meet the eye.

From the way that I have gleaned life from my past to my present state, I realize that there’s more to happiness than acquiring wealth, wisdom and so on, because even Solomon in the Bible who should have been the happiest person on earth, had everything, wealth unlimited and yet, at the end saw everything as all vanity.

It is my contribution to the body of work within the polity especially in Africa where our leaders had failed us in so many ways. I wanted people to realize that they can be happy within themselves. Happiness is beyond the externalities of life. That is the inspiration and in a nutshell, I should say God inspires me to write.

The book, very concise with nine chapters and 110 pages dealt on many critical issues that people ignore in looking for true happiness.

In the beginning, she defined happiness through a collection of many definitions that could be termed as the beginning of wisdom to happiness. Other chapters connected to happiness and purpose, friends of happiness, 55 things you can do to increase your happiness in life and 8 happiness busters.

Happiness and purpose

While stressing on the happiness busters, she said, “Happiness busters are things that affect our happiness. Sin is one of them, you might not agree with it but a sinner cannot be happy because you have a wealth of guilt to deal with.

Another is unforgiveness. Bitterness negates happiness. Anytime you are bitter about the next person, you are hindering your own happiness. The quicker you forgive the better you can walk free and once there is freedom, you are free because they walk together. These among others are happiness busters.

This is my gift to mankind. I desire that everyone that can read should have it because you need to redefine reasons to continue to live. You will realize that happiness is something that is attainable and achievable. In this our life time, you can be happy and at the same time extend happiness to someone else. A lot of Nigerians’ value system is warped.

We see people that have big money as the greatest people in the society. Because of this, most young people don’t see need for hard work, need for moral excellence, behaving rightly in the society.

A book like this will help you to understand that there’s parity between happiness and holiness. You need to live a righteous life for you to enjoy maximum happiness.

About the author: I started writing about 15 years ago and I took my writing seriously about 11 years ago when I published my first book titled “Treasures” in 2011, since then I have written a total of eight books and working presently on my ninth book. I have published six of them physically on hard copy while eight of them are published on Amazon.

Some of the books are Hope on the go, 100 life’s Lesson, Tiny Big First Step, 12 Golden Laws of Success and many more. My writings started as a therapy because there was a time in my life when I suffered depression. And the Lord helped me to overcome that through writing.

That is how I discovered that I have a gift of writing. I am multi-talented, multi-skilled and before I started writing, I was the assistant training manager in an Insurance company, Leadway Assurance Company Nigeria Limited. But I was never satisfied and I decided in 2008 to leave the world of insurance and start my own business.

I am the CEO of Vicky Abraham Nigeria Media Limited based in Lagos with educational background that span from Command Secondary School Ibadan, University of Lagos and Pan Atlantic University, Lagos with various degrees and certificates.