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Give opportunities to the youths – Comrade Taiwo Bamigbade

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This is not to criticise the past or present administrations which many people do, but to list out the major problems and solutions that can be of help to the present administration and to the masses of the Nation.

I will start by stating the major problems facing the nation and also attempt to proffer solutions that could be applied to solve the problems facing our nation.

Bad Economy: The economy of our nation is in bad shape at the moment, struggling to get better and we are the people that can make it better through collective cooperation. The reasons for the gradual collapse of the economy needs to be identified and addressed.

Corruption: Corruption is at the root of many of Nigeria’s problems. Corruption which takes many forms has infiltrated the political institution and economic sector. It is so sad to hear that the government which is set up to build the country and fight any form of corruption is now stealing from her own people.

Chapter II, Subsection 15 and 5 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria states: ‘’The State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power.’’ The question is: is this State really adhering to the instruction given? Government officials who are supposed to abolish corruption are careless about what is expected of them. Also, the citizens who are expected to be free from corruption are one way or the other found guilty of it. Abuse of power is observed in almost all the arms of government.

Blame game among present and past leaders: The present administration is fond of blaming the previous administration, which I consider inappropriate. The blame game only shows that our governments as a whole, both previous and present are insensitive to the plight of its citizenry.

It is unhealthy to continue blaming previous administration instead of finding solutions to the problems bedeviling the whole Nation.

Complaining and waiting for government to do everything:

Many Nigerian are fond of complaining and blaming the Government for almost every singular thing that happens in their lives. The attitude shows signs of lack of thinking and inability for people rising against their challenges.

The following are the solutions I believe would go along way to solving our many problems.

Diversification of Economy

A rich man doesn’t have one single stream of income. He/she has several streams of income. We can check the lives of the rich people in our nation, they have numerous sources of income, and that’s what the Government needs to start doing to our economy.

Stop Complaining about Government:

We need to get to a stage where we will not be complaining about everything that happens to us and putting the blame on the government and people round us.

We will find ourselves creating jobs for people around us and by extension help improve our economy.

Crime and Terrorism:

Terrorist attacks are on the rise in Nigeria on account of the insurgency by Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and the recent happenings of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) that prevent many Nigerians from feeling safe in their country.

The Global Peace Index, 2016, ranked Nigeria as the fourth country in the world with the highest number of “international conflict deaths.” We implore the federal government to look into these by dialogue and ensuring more and adequate security over the country.

Problems in our Education System:

Beyond political corruption, the Nigerian education system suffers corruption in many ways. It compares poorly not only to those of developed Western nations but also to other African countries.

The universities and higher institutions in the country are not in shape. Strikes have deformed Nigeria’s educational system to the extent that an average undergraduate now spends six or seven years for four years course!.

Way Forward:

The only way Nigeria can solve its many problems is by giving the youths more opportunities to participate in governance, economy and society.

In conclusion, if these solutions are put into action by both the government and the citizens of Nigeria, our country will rise to glory again.

•Comrade Taiwo Bamigbade is the Senate President, National Association of Nigerian Students

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