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This election is UPP’s to lose — Okorie

By Levinus Nwabughiogu

THE national chairman of the UPP, Chief Chekwas Okorie, has said that the election is for the UPP to lose saying that every factor on the ground is against APGA and other major parties in the contest.

Okorie in an interview with Vanguard further affirmed that UPP is the only party that has identified with the suffering and alleged indignities poured on the Igbo even as he said that the voters would not forget the role played by every party.

Chekwas Okorie

He said: “I have always told anybody who asks me this question that Anambra election is between UPP and UPP, others are not in contention, and I am not boastful or immodest about this; it is based on very good reasons. The Igbo people that you are talking about are not gullible people, they are not zombies they have feelings too, they are human beings, and they are rational people.

“And I can tell that Anambra, in particular, is the most politically sophisticated state in this country. So anybody thinking that somebody will wake up, go to the polling station and cast votes for a party that has made life miserable for him is dreaming dreams. And now, we also know that the era of sitting down and writing results and then announcing it is over.

APGA, as we speak, has two candidates. We are going to complain publicly, and if need be sue them because the law does not allow any political party to parade two candidates for the same election, you disadvantage others because they have cases in the courts hanging at the Supreme Court.

“As for the PDP, they have been there for 16 years, they were in power for 16 years, they laid the foundation for the rot in the Southeast, and sometimes I find it funny to see even a PDP person from Igbo land criticizing Buhari for what Buhari has not done for us; when they told Buhari that the best way to treat Ndigbo is to neglect them because it was PDP that laid a bad example that we are still suffering from and they think that the same Igbo people will forget so soon.

“And it is only UPP too that has all the agenda I told you earlier. So what I can say right now is that the election in Anambra state will be a kind of referendum, it will be a matter of yes or no. If you want the status quo to maintain, then you can vote for any of the other parties, but if you want revolutionary change that will affect you positively, it is the UPP you will vote for.”


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