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7th Generation BMW 5 Series takes unique path into Nigeria

By Theodore Opara

THE unveiling of the seventh generation BMW 5 Series Sedan at the Banana Island Cultural Festival, Lagos recently was quite unique as Coscharis Motors, BMW representative decided to do it differently unlike in previous launches.

In the past, BMW new entrants were usually unveiled at BMW showrooms, hotels or motor shows. But the new 5 Series took a different path to enter the market through a carnival. The new BMW 5 Series was the only car model at the carnival and it took the centre stage, like a typical big masquerade in a market square.

Unveiling the BMW 5 Series the General Manager, Marketing Corporation Coscharis Group, Mr. Abiona Babarinde showered encomium on the all new 5 Series which said is coming shortly after the global launch.


Class-leading features

Most touchy at the event was when a small boy aged between six and seven kissed the car immediately after the cover was removed. He told Vanguard Motoring, “I kissed the car because it was so beautiful.” But efforts to reach the small boy to talk more on his attraction proved abortive as he disappeared after the action. Maybe his parents left the venue with him. The all new 5 Series comes with class-leading features which is the trade mark of every successive 5 series.

“For the first time ever in the history of BMW 5 Series, the headlights are seamlessly integrated into the kidney grill. This emphasizes the car’s beauty and presence with sporty look.

Available in 530i and 540i petrol engines, Mr. Babarinde said that all the engines variants of the 5 Series belong to the newly developed, modular BMW Efficiency Dynamic family of power units. According to him, “BMW Twinpowr turbo technology imbues all the members of the family with outstanding performance combined with exceptional efficiency. The two patrol variants are available and working in tandem with either rear-wheel drive or BMW Xdrive intelligent all-wheel drive.

The new BMW 5 Series Sedan has all the tools it needs to continue the remarkable success recorded by its predecessors, more than 7.6 million BMW 5 Series cars were sold across its first six generations. “The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series points the way into the future, with 5 Series technological leadership. BMW took the design of the 5 Series to a new level.”

At standstill, Babarinde said the new 5 Series is the sportiest sedan, in its segment! Rigorous application of the BMW Efficient Lightweight design concept, with increased use of aluminium and high-strength steels, reduces the weight of the 5 Series Sedan by up to 100  kilogrammes from that of its predecessor. The newly designed chassis, a low centre of gravity, BMW’s hallmark even weight distribution and a lightweight body offering exceptional torsional stiffness combine a wonderfully dynamic driving experience with the long-distance comfort for which the BMW 5 Series is renowned.

A wealth of assistance systems are on hand in the new BMW 5 Series to offer the driver unbeatable support – not only at critical moments but also in less demanding situations at the wheel, such as traffic jams, slow-moving traffic and monotonous stretches of motorway. To this end, it is fitted as standard with a stereo camera, which teams up with optional radar and ultrasound sensors to monitor the area around the car. New features in the BMW 5 Series alongside the evasion aid and crossing traffic warning are the lane change assistance and lane keeping assistance with active side collision protection.

The latter keeps an eye on the lane markings and the area around the car, and actively helps the driver to avoid looming collisions by applying corrective steering inputs. The BMW 5 Series also takes another step towards automated driving with extended functions for the optional Active Cruise Control (ACC) system and Steering and Lane keeping assistance. These include adoption of speed restrictions, which the optional Intelligent Speed Assist communicates to the cruise control system (the driver can adjust this figure by +/– 15 km/h). From rest to 210 km/h, the car can relieve the driver of acceleration, braking and steering duties, as desired.

The intelligent Auto Start Stop function now adjusts its responses to the route and traffic conditions and therefore offers even greater driving comfort.

The BMW 5 Series Sedan with even greater user-friendliness as its goal, is equipped with the latest-generation iDrive system. In top specification, it displays navigation, telephone and entertainment features, plus vehicle functions, on a high-resolution 10.25-inch screen. The system can be operated using the iDrive Controller, by voice command or gestures, or by touching the display controls directly, as the driver wishes. The large, tile-style panels can be arranged as desired and show the content of the underlying menus in constantly updated form. The latest-generation full-colour BMW  Head-Up Display has a projection surface that is 70  per cent larger than before and displays traffic signs, telephone listings, radio stations, music tracks, navigation instructions and warnings from the assistance systems.










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