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SWBI tasks youths on tackling corruption

By Bartholomew Madukwe

Executive Director, Students without Borders International (SWBI), Mr Nwodi Daniel Chinedu, yesterday urged youths to promote action that will reduce corruption in Nigeria.

Speaking on the uprising of crime across the country, Chinedu pointed out that youths, as future leaders of the nation, should strive to create positive change in the society.

“We are equipping a new cadre of Nigerian youths and students who will
help to promote action to reduce corruption in Nigeria more especially
the youth as the future leaders of the Nation,” he stated.

Chinedu noted that corruption, youth employment and livelihood problems are particularly acute and growing in Nigeria because they remain poorly defined or addressed.

Adding: “Most problems faced by young people are nurtured by the feeling of hopelessness, an unstable and uncertain future. The perversion of order, logic and right thinking amongst the youth and those at the helm of affairs is directly linked to the entrenchment of corruption, in our social structure.”

He said a large number of Nigerian youth simply wish to make a different but unfortunately do not know how to go about it, stressing that the Nigerian youths need to participate in the Integrity, Ethics & Moral Values class which is also known as Anti–Corruption Education.


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