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SUKUK: Why CAN should shut up

By Kabiru Gwangwazo
This ignorant take by CAN on the eminently sane economic decision to go for SUKUK Bonds to finance Government Projects is so annoying and farcical. What an ignorant outrage! What mischief!

Where does CAN place promotion of the Christian based “secularist” governance we are forced into?

Where does CAN place the imposition of the Western Christian based education system we suffer?

Placing the fact

Where does CAN place the fact that we have a full pledged serving Pastor as Vice President, or a Cross sporting Minister of Finance?

I can’t understand this perfidious ignorance.

In case they think we don’t know it, CAN should be reminded that some of us are fully in the know of how the Vienna synod (the topmost xtian policy gathering) established the Foundations for the deliberate study of arabic and Quranic knowledge for the “refutation of infidel errors”, some time in the 15th century if memory serves me right. And we have not raised eyebrows or stopped going to the schools so established by that synod, to study arabic and islamic studies. For the record, the mother of Orientalism, School for Oriental and Arabic Studies, SOAS, of London and its sister at the Sorbonne in France were established as a result of that Vienna Synod.

By Infidel errors, they refer to us Muslims as infidels.

Now with all this assuming SUKUK was promotion of islamic religious practise why should Britain operate it? And Britain which operated Islamic Banks and pools resources from Muslim and non Muslim investors is a purely christian nation whose head of state, the Queen is head of the English Church.

I am told that even Nigeria’s Jaiz Bank, the presumed islamic Bank, has a preponderant majority of non Muslim investors and beneficiaries. Incidentally, Jaiz runs one of the most scrupulous nitpicking formats of running and operating accounts, much more than other so called conventional interest based banks.

Secularist constitutional order and uniformity

Finally secularist constitutional order doesn’t mean uniformity. We are not supposed to have to be christian or Godless and atheist. We are not supposed to force anyone to be Muslim. At the same time while we cant force any non Muslim to embrace islam and islamic practises we cannot be forced to abandon our religion. That we were forced to patronise other banks as we had been into before the advent of Jaiz Bank was a criminal breach of our fundamental rights and freedoms as Muslims. Usury is specifically banned by Allah in the Quran and specific terrible punishments have been hinted at in the Quran. The extent of the crime is such that a notice of War is given by God to all who engage in usury. The gravity of the crime is equated with perfidious illicit relations of the usurer with his own mother. Subhanallah.

Yet, some idiotic crankheads under the guise of some religious organisation, an organization that is well known for exploiting its own followers is saying we shouldnt benefit from the freedoms and rights vouchsafed us by the Nigerian constitution.

CAN and tithes

On a final note, anyway, who said the CAN is going to lose any of its tithes if SUKUK is activated? How much of its member churches’ tithes did CAN lose when Osun floated its SUKUK?  Who said christians have to partake of SUKUK? If CAN is so disposed it can issue its own version of “Fatwa” to its members to boycott the SUKUK bonds and the projects done with the bonds. Even if I am sure they wont listen or obey. After they didn’t care for any CAN when they invested in Jaiz Bank, and Bank of the North turned Unity Bank. The CANnists didnt bother about any CAN fatwa or secularist consideration either when they spread out to the Muslim North to invest and live their lives.

So CAN should well shut up. Especially now that we have been forced to keep our peace and calm in the face of undue provocation from its major clients and leadership tribes.

In fact the security services should be particularly interested in what motives drive the CAN at this time.


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