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“You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind (both in inclination and in character) is stayed on You because he commits himself to You, leans on You and hopes confidently in You”ISAIAH 26:3

Peace of mind is a mind at ease; it is a calm and well balanced mind which is a conduit for power. It is in the quietness of mind that effective living is possible. Peace of mind is a mind well ordered in serenity. There must be mental peace before there can be an unraveling of practical solutions to life’s problem. It is in the state of mental peace that creativity, initiative and solutions to life’s issues flow through. In the absence of a peaceful mind are emotions out of control. In the presence of a peaceful mind are emotions under full control. Peace of mind is the reserve of those who live in accordance to their highest values and inner conviction which creates the mental condition of peace. When your life maintains equilibrium your mind attains equanimity. Until peace of mind is in place enjoying life is out of the way. Success without peace of mind is a fairy tale. The exit of negative emotions is the entrance of peace of mind.

In the state of mental peace, judgment leads emotions follow. In the state of an overheated mind, emotional reaction leads judgment ceases and crisis erupts. Inner peace or quietness is the connecting link between the human mind and the Divine Mind. Place a high premium on silence. Mental peace makes room for mental depth and mental depth gives you access to life’s depth which keeps you on top in the game of life. Unless we cultivate inner peacefulness we will collapse under the weight of stress and strain. Peace of mind is a conduit for energy. Tremendous power is made available in the presence of a quiet mind. Peace of mind stimulates the intellect and arouses creativity. Mental peace is the lead way to mental orderliness that produces an organized life. When your center is rooted in peace, harmonious living is guaranteed. An overheated mind creates an overheated life. Inner quietness is your access route to Divine power.

To gain emotional freedom you must emotionally detach yourself from negative people and situation to gain mental peace. Peace of mind really begins with being at peace with God. The start-up of having peace with God is by believing in Jesus Christ; He died that we may live; He was poor that we may be rich; He bore away our diseases and took away our weaknesses or infirmity; He rose from the dead and He’s alive and has overcome the world for us. When you rest in God’s unconditional love for you and His Grace then you will begin to experience real peace of mind. Develop and maintain peace with God by fellowshipping with Him-talk to Him about everything and seek His help in all that you do. Let Jesus be at the center of your life and let everything else in your life revolve around Him.

Peace of mind is made possible by a healthy self-love; self-respect; self-acceptance; self-worth; and personal growth and development.

Peace of mind is attainable when you are at peace with people. Forgive offenses easily. Accept people for who they are; everybody cannot be like you. Adapt to people but not susceptible and you will adopt mental peace. Make peace of mind your overriding pursuit and you will live healthier, happier, longer and better life.

To enjoy mental peace, mental poisons must be flushed out of the mind. When you rid the mind of mental poison then you will reap mental peace. Learn to still the thought forces-still your mind. Get into moments of solitude and silence; it eases the tenseness out of life. Silence is a soothing balm to the soul. Observe moments of silence early in the morning; and in the night. Silence eases the tension of life. Get into a quiet place; relax still your body and mind.  As you still your mind and body, close your eyes and say with sincerity, “I empty my mind of all hatred, doubt, fear, guilt, worry, and all negativity. And let the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding flood my mind and let Love rule my mind.”

To gain peace of mind, engage in proactive action rather than emotional reaction. When you are busy working on the solution you won’t be sullen with negativity. Mentally picture yourself responding calmly with emotional control in situations that had previously triggered emotional reaction. Visualize peaceful relaxing scene; moments of happiness and victories. When faced with a problem or an upsetting situation engage in proactive action rather than in an emotional reaction; stay focused on working on the constructive solution to the problem rather than being overwhelmed in a tensed emotional state which is destructive.

Let it go! Let every grievance go; let every resentment go; let every injustice go. Let go of every emotional baggage and mental peace will come and abide in you. When you live habitually in ways that is contrary to the ways of God, you will never experience the way of mental peace. When you habitually live in harmony with the ways of God you will live in mental harmony. Where moral rightness dwells; peace of mind reigns. Where moral wrongness dwells peace of mind flees.

Create silent moments in your life to ease off the stress and strain of life and build up the condition of peace.

When tension reigns peace of mind is enslaved. Relaxation is the balance between work and rest. It is a period of physical and mental renewal. Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing or abdominal breathings aids oxygen circulation in the blood which distributes oxygen to the muscles and these helps muscles to relax, consequently acts as a pain and stress reliever.

Norman Vincent Peale reveals, “One method I employ is to use the words: ‘be still, and know that I am God,” (psalm 46:10) as a practical physical relaxation formula. In bed, ready for a good night’s rest, I get into a comfortable position and then say: “Be still my muscles and know God’s relaxation. Be still, my nerves and know God’s rest. Be still, my heart, and know God’s quietness. Be still, my body and know God’s renewal. Be still, my mind, and know God’s peace.” This should be repeated several times.”



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