September 26, 2017

Why PDP’ll produce President in 2019 — Prof Adedoja

Why PDP’ll produce President in 2019  — Prof Adedoja

Professor Taoheed Adedoja

By Dirisu Yakubu

ABUJA — Former  Minister of Sports and Special Duties, Professor Taoheed Adedoja, has promised to work tirelessly to help the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to produce the President of Nigeria in 2019, if he was elected national chairman of the party in December 2017 at the party’s elective national convention.

Professor Adedoja, who stated this in an interactive session with a team of selected journalists in Abuja, said if elected, the party under his leadership would witness the enthronement of party discipline and internal democracy.

Professor Taoheed Adedoja

“The PDP of today will bring us two things: the PDP of  tomorrow  and the new platform that will produce the President of Nigeria in 2019.

‘’Because the party is desirous of doing the right thing and to give Nigeria and PDP members fresh ideas to renew what it had done 16 years ago; I believe I owe Nigeria and PDP that opportunity of making myself available for the leadership of the party. Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led committee has promised Nigerians dividends of democracy better and that is why I have offered myself to lead the party to that promised manifesto; to lead the party to that promised reinvigoration of the aspirations of Nigerians in terms of their high expectations,’’ he said.

The chairmanship aspirant, who was Provost of the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, also stressed the significance of Nigerians yearning for the return of the PDP, noting that if in just a little over two years the people were already craving for the party to return back to power, there was a reason for it.

He said:  “Sometimes, a party will rule for many years, the people in that country may not even want that party to come back again. Sometimes and depending on the country, they would let an opposition party to rule for another 16 years so that they can compare the two. But Nigerians are now in a hurry for PDP to come back only after two years. There is a reason for it.

“What Nigerians expect now is to give the PDP another opportunity to come back in 2019 to rule better. If therefore, Nigerians expect PDP to rule and rule better, the party platform in which the President of Nigeria will emerge must therefore be better, the process must be better and will involve a spectrum of PDP members.

“The 16 years that we were in power enabled the PDP to make a lot of positive changes in the lives of Nigerians in virtually all sectors of the economy-education, health, provision of infrastructure, changing the lifestyle of people including workers in this country in the area of agriculture, rural development, improvement in our railway system and the transportation system (air, road and sea),” he recalled.