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Is my man’s doctor serious?

Dear Bunmi,

My boyfriend is in his thirties and we live together. He’s developed arthritis in his left knee and says his doctor told him it was caused by sex. I found this ludicrous.

We’ve been living together for about five years and have two children together. Could this mean he’s been unfaithful?

Oshogbo, by e-mail.

Dear Oshogbo,

Arthritis is inflammation of a joint – there are dozens of types. Arthritis due to gonorrhoea – a sexually transmitted infection (STD can occur if the bacterium gets into the bloodstream and travels to the joints. Syphilis (another STD can also cause joint problems.

It looks as if your man has what is medically referred to as a Reiter’s Syndrome, which in addition to arthritis, can lead to burning when passing urine, a discharge from the penis and itchy, red eyes.

It is not certain your man has been unfaithful but, to put your own mind at rest, you should be checked for chlamydia, another STI, as this is the commonest

cause of Reiter’s.

So visit your doctor now.


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