Lagos – A scientist, Mr Peter Matthews-Akukalia, on Thursday said his invention; the Human Mind Computer could create an estimated 750 million jobs in five years.

Human Mind Computer

Matthews-Akukalia said in Lagos, that the Human Mind Computer “is a mind database also known as “Mind App’’’, is borne out of the desire to know more about one’s self.’’

“This Human Mind Computer is the first of its kind; it is a revolution expected to create millions of jobs and usher in the long awaited `Creative Age’ which is already five years in the making by calendar systems.

“This is a computer in the first place and there are different areas in its development that can create jobs in fields like engineering, science and research works.

“What I am targeting is to create an institution around this computer and see that it enables the creation of the needed jobs in the country,” he said.

Matthews-Akukalia said that the human mind computer existed only as a prototype at present and it would work based on everyday realities to create profiles of individuals.

He said that use of the computer required the provision of series of answers about life experiences and happenings, which would be provided in the database.

According to him, when answers are received to life questions, computations are done on the answers to get results and then recommendations are given to the concerned individual.

“This prototype has worked effectively on a variety of individuals, it has been useful in determining a person’s weak and strong points and could be used by human resource managers to facilitate recruitment.’’

Matthew-Akukalia said that the computer was also beneficial in that it could help to discover one’s self.

He said that it served as a career pathfinder and could help in preventing undue parental influence on a child for field of study in school.

The innovator said some of the selling points of the computer include being the first invention of its kind and could calculate human intelligence, thoughts, will and emotions.

“The other selling point is that it is good for family behaviour management, educational tool for brain analysis, energy processing and career management,’’ he said.

He said that it was also a prediction machine capable of predicting an individual’s future by measuring the chances of success in a given venture or planned activity.

He said that the computer’s functions would further include calculating human innate potential such as ideas and talents.

The innovator said that as a time machine, it could predict the time an event or an act occurred, and so could be valuable for psycho-forensic analysis in legal jurisprudence.

“The Human Mind Computer can measure a person’s lifespan tracing the possible cause of death for possible prevention, detecting cancer virus sources in the mind and guiding the medical personnel during treatment.

“With the brain structure of children these days being more advanced than before, the computer will help children understand themselves from childhood,’’ he claimed.

He called on government to support him so that he could mass-produce the computer and make it available in the market.

Matthew-Akukalia added that with sponsorship, the innovation would be widely accepted both locally and internationally to achieve its purpose of job creation. (NAN)

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