September 10, 2017

Dear brands, this is how it’s done! Heineken’s latest ad campaign is a huge hit

Dear brands, this is how it’s done!  Heineken’s latest ad campaign is a huge hit

“Dear brands, this is how it’s done!!!”

That was the Instagram caption that got my undivided attention. The excitement coming out of Liz Osho’s Instagram handle (@liz_osho) was infectious. It’s about – I later found out – the latest Heineken credentials ad featuring Nigerian born international music artiste, Jidenna.

Let me bring you up to speed on this: Jidenna returns to Nigeria from his base abroad, and true to tradition he comes bearing gifts shared to every member of the family. He presents a gold wrist-watch to his uncle who declines – choosing instead to have a bottle of Heineken brought by his nephew.
Now to the reactions.

Osho, a PR and communications strategist at SoMe Solutions, a Lagos based communications agency couldn’t hide her excitement doffing her hat to the ad creative team as she posted the caption above. “#DopestAd,” she calls it.

@yallizbeauty, a UK based beauty enterprise gave its reaction on Instagram describing it as “Flawless!”
According to the handle, the ad had “Multiple messages passed at the same time, love it.”

For @thisthingcalledfashionn, the verdict is simple and straightforward – it is a “lit advert”.

On Instagram just as it is elsewhere on social media, the consensus is that the Heineken ad campaign beautifully captures the peculiar elements of the Nigerian spirit – the style, culture, tradition, sense of community, and virtues found in the African family.

The reaction on Twitter to the Heineken credential ad campaign isn’t different – all kudos and friendly pat on the back for the creative team behind the campaign. The humorous tinge to the overall design does not go unnoticed as many of the responses point to the ingenuity with it was presented.

Suitably impressed, @iamjtown simply wants it known that whoever came up with the concept is a “genius”, while @_JohnME_ thinks everyone should be drinking Heineken because the ads are “extremely cool.”

What do I really think?

The entire campaign achieves the fine distinction of poking a particular culture sensitively without coming off as condescending. And in these times of easy outrage and social media outbursts, pulling off this feat isn’t as easy as it once was.

Elements of family and unity are brilliantly highlighted and the importance of family; both immediate and distant, plus Heineken’s role in bringing people together, at home and in faraway lands is highlighted.

Ladies and gentlemen, the jury is out on this ad campaign, and it is overwhelmingly positive. Can we all agree that the international brand has raised the bar on how creativity should be incubated, nurtured, and deployed?
If you haven’t seen Heineken’s latest credentials ad campaign, you should.
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