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Heels-To-Crotch Pose

Persons with the longest lives in the world are the Georgians of the Caucasus mountains in Southern Russia, the Hunzas of Kashmir and the Vilcabamba Indians of Ecuador.

Heels to Crotch Pose

These three, seem to share some common traits which must be the key to their longevity. On the whole their diet is frugal, low in salt, refined sugar, fat and high in fibre and hardly any frying in oil.

They consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The drinking water is high in mineral content from fresh mountain streams.

They practise holistic medicine, applying traditional herbs and medicines to forestall and cure diseases. They seldom drink or smoke. They exercise regularly by way of their hard lives. They don’t use preservatives and live at altitudes with little air pollution. They respect their elders who are actively engaged in their 100s and harp on good human relations over the pursuit of riches.

They live in extended families from the cradle to the grave. They enjoy regular sex even at 100.

All these point to the fact that the healthiest life is the one with as much naturalness as possible. The further we go from  nature, from what’s natural, the less healthy we become.

As regards activity, the more occupied we are the better it is for us. That’s why the person whose job is sedentary must set me aside for regular exercise which need never be over the top.

With exercise there can be as much as 10 percent of improved physical function in the young. In the old it can make as much as a difference of 50 percent.

Exercise, performed on a regular basis can fulfil the anti-ageing functions of regulating weight, joint mobility, flexibility, strengthening of the skeletal system and strengthening of the heart.

Exercise improves the blood circulation and this in turn brings extra nutrients to the surface of the skin, increasing the collagen content to make it thicker and more flexible.

Apart from the above, exercise also helps lower blood pressure, cuts down on the risk of heart attack, stroke, arthritis and depression.

I suppose if we all become very aware of how serious we need to include exercise in the life on account of the many serious conditions we can side-step if we practise, we should be abl;e to summon up the discipline to exercise consistently.

Below are some Yoga postures to practise.



Sit down in between both heels. Lower the trunk down, first on one elbow then the other and gently ease the whole trunk flat down with the hands by the sides. Breathe normally. Stay in the posture for about 10 – 15 seconds. A variant of the posture is to keep the trunk erect.


The deep kneebend banishes stiffness in the hips, knes and ankles keeping those areas well lubricated.



Sitting down with the feet extended in front of you, draw the knees and place the legs flat down on the floor with the feet touching each other and the heels as close to the crotch as can be. Form a ring around the big toes with the forefinger and thumb and then lower the trunk. A variant of the posture is to keep the trunk erect.


The posture tones u p the muscles of the legs and it is also said to improve manly vigour.


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