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This government has not done anything to deceive anybody – Usani

By Emmanuel Una

You hold a key position as Minister for Niger Delta    Affairs,    can you can tell the people of the region the    state of development    since you assumed office.

If you want to see how this government has enhanced development you should first interpret the actions or policies of the    government    which    are:      one,  laying    more than thirty percent of budgetary provisions to infrastructural development which is a propelling foundation or platform for other development issues to take place.    Two,    getting people involved which is the policy of inclusion.

Today    you hear that we    are planning to    get modular refinery where    communities would be share holders so they can decide their fate by the proceeds of what is got there. So if you want to talk    about development vi-a-viz this administration you will find that we are redefining development in the true    perspective that affects humanity and not by the deception of what people see as flash points which vanish later.   Are you not surprised that within two years,  the Leke rice which is a    collaboration between    Kebi and Lagos States  is providing millions of tones towards food security?    Just few days back, you heard that the Vice President went to commission fertilizer plant  and today we have a minimum of fourteen fertilizer plants      within two years and we are embarking on a programme of linkage assiduity    between the producing sub-sector and the manufacturers    in the Niger Delta    region.

The issue of abandoned NDDC projects awarded by past administration has been really worrisome, how are you tackling  this?

All together the policy of government is to make sure that projects are completed, that is why    you hear large capital estimate in the budget  for various ministries.    You find that much of the money go to what is called ongoing projects because we don’t want to abandon any project. The new projects that you hear are those    that can bring immediate palliatives for the people.    Go to Ministry of Power,  Transportation, Niger Delta    Affairs and Water Resources,    you find all these ministries are concentrating on projects that have been establish long ago but not completed.    If we wanted to play politics    with the development of our people, we would put out    new projects so that they clap hands for us but all would be at the same page of stagnation in future.

What is the message to people who feel that the dividends of democracy    are slow in coming. Talking about infrastructural development,      the Calabar –Itu – Odukpani road awarded many months ago, construction has not started.

First, you remember that before November 2016, people slept on that  road for many    days,    and while awarding    the contract for the dualization of the road,    the government took immediate action by  putting on remedial    repairs    which today enable movement.    That tells    you that our programmes are such that    define immediate, short term and long terms goals    and people would continue to    enjoy progressive action    towards the final intended good.

Two, you know that when a contract is signed,    the design has to be secured and when that is done, work and project management are put in place before workers would    be    mobilised to site    when funds are now released to the ministry. But one thing is sure, we have not done anything to deceive anybody and we are working very hard.




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