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Exposed! Why Pain Killers Never Works for Your Arthritis & Body Pain

Dr. Jane Uzoma

Dear Friend Living With Body Pains Or Arthritis

  • Do you suffer from EXCRUCIATING body pains?
  • Are You In UNEXPLAINABLE Pains Caused by Arthritis?
  • Do you remember back when you didn’t have arthritis…how free you could walk… you could hold things, do things ON YOUR OWN without going through all those annoying pain you CURRENTLY pass through now?

Are You Ready To Be FREE of Pains & Annoying Bodily Aches Without Spending Thousand’s of Naira on a physiotherapist?

If your answer was a RESOUNDING “YES” then I advice you to read this article to the very end now.

Why Did I Say So?

This is Because, after reading this article, you’ll discover exactly how to easily return to that arthritis-free person you were some few years or months back.

Let’s be candid…Arthritis can be very painful…we know that already.


It’s so painful, I don’t even pray for it for even MY ENEMY!


That’s why I’m creating this AWARENESS to help the few serious people like you, who are ready to listen to me.


However, one thing you may not know is this.

If you have arthritis or Body pains now…or you know someone who does….and you are not taking ANY serious steps to deal with it once and for all right now then you are playing with fire!

My name is Dr. Jane Uzoma


I’m a Medical Activist who specializes in providing awareness for those Herbal therapy for those who have Severe body pain and Atheritis.


My case was a very STRANGE case!


At the age of 16 I have started dealing with arthritis which always comes with her twins sister…..EXCRUCIATING BODY PAINS!

My teenage life was a Horror Movie!

I could barely play with my peers because I’m always in pain, this made me a fragile person so no one want’s to play with me!

I had two relatives with SEVERE arthritis, one basically died from the pain as she could not bear the pains anymore and the other one lying HELPLESSLY in the village right now…deformed for life!

DEFINITELY this will NOT your portion!

Only if you DO something about it!

I was basically living my life in pains until I discovered a very RARE herbal therapy that changed the game for me.

But hold on…I’m not finished yet.

Not only that, even if you are doing something about it but you are not taking the right medications…which is very very likely…then you are also taking a HUGE risk.

So What Causes EXTREME Body Pain?

Do You have body pain?


Do You Always feel frustrated because of the chronic pains all over your body?


Here’s the Truth About Body pain You Don’t Know!

The common causes of body pain are usually , stress,tension, overuse and minor injuries. … Systemic muscle pain — pain throughout your whole body — is more often the result of an infection, a brewing illness or a side effect of a medication you usually take.

What Causes Back Pains?


Do you know that repeated lifting of heavy things or a sudden awkward movement strain your back muscles and spinal ligaments?

If you’re also in poor physical condition and you constant strain on your back, it also causes painful muscle spasms. All of these will RUPTURE your disks which acts as a cushions between the bones in your spine!

These pains usually RADIATES from your bone then EXTENDS to your MUSCLES, then signals are sent to your nerves”

That’s basically how general body pain is caused.

Why Is Arthritis Such a PAINFUL Diseases?

You see, apart from the pain you feel now, whenever you walk or stand or lie down, depending on the kind of arthritis you have, something absolutely dangerous is happening in that place you are feeling that pain.

Your bones are hard. And because of how hard they are, they are separated by “natural cushions” which are designed NEVER to touch each other.

But the moment you get arthritis, immediately, they get softer and softer, till they start touching each other!

Right now, that “cushion” between your bones have become old with age, so whenever you get those pains what is actually happening is that your bones are TORCHING DIRECTLY against each other. And when I say grind…I mean TORCHING EACH OTHER!!!

This is EXACTLY Why You Feel So Much Pain.

As the bones grinds and grinds against each other it will slowly begin to crush itself to pieces.

Gradually…over time…the crushed bone will become useless.

And This Is Why You See Someone, After Having Arthritis For Sometime, Will Become Deformed, or Crippled, or Limp, Or Not Being Able To Walk Well Or Even Hold Things”

For some people their arthritis is caused when their body keeps sending chemicals as strong as acids and it then attack it own bones!

These chemicals then slowly..slowly EATS UP your bones….Causing you horrible PAINS that makes your unhappy and bitter.

I’m very sure what’s on your mind is….

How can you STOP Your Chronic Body Pain OR Arthritis?

I’ll be very HONEST with you because I know you must have spent a lot of money on this painful matter…

I Have BOTH Good News and Bad News for You!

Here’s The Bad News!”

If your Arthritis is VERY VERY critical like the one below, there is NO “CURE” for Your Arthritis! All you NEED is a very solid solution that will HELP you REDUCE the pain and MANAGE what is left of your bone.

Now The Good News!”

If you know you type of Arthritis is such that’s still DEVELOPING, if it’s still “coming” and ‘going’, then there might be a working “CURE” for you!

If you have CHRONIC body pains all over your body, and you have tried all sort of drugs like ostio, tramadol, or agbo jedi jedi YET nothing to write home about, a permanent cure for your horrible body pain have been discovered

But does this mean that you will have to keep going through that horrifying pain forever?

Well, That Brings Us to the Good News!”

The answer is NO – you don’t have to keep having those pains.

A “secret” team of DEDICATED Japanese Scientists have recently discovered an 100% Natural HERBAL THERAPY with INGREDIENTS only found in rare herbs of the Mount Fuji in Japan.

Unlike the regular drugs your so called doctor gives to you which are MARE painkillers, this powerful herbal therapy never causes any effects!

I discovered this amazing secret from a family member of mine who resides in the UK who used to suffer from Arthritis and body pain too.

But when he gave this “Body pain Crusher” a try, it all flew away

And the bad thing about pain killers is that it only stops the pain.

It NEVER solves the problem from the root!

But this RARE herbal therapy , on the other hand, attack the problem from the root.

It goes straight to the EXACT cause of the pain and SENDS the signal to nerves telling MR Nerves NOT to ever cause your pain again!

This herbal therapy gradually heals your pains And not only that….they will, immediately, stop your arthritis from developing further and eating up your bones

In Summary?

  • It stops further “decay” of your bones.
  • It RAPIDLY starts healing all the painful places so that, with time, the pains will become totally unnoticeable and the swelling will be gone
  • And it does all this in 30 days flat WITHOUT side effect

In the next 37 days or even less, the effect of this pain eradicating herbal therapy will becomes so noticeable that practically every single pain you are going through right now will be completely eliminated..FOREVER!

  • Now You will be able to finally hold things and walk freely without feeling pain.
  • Now when you walk you will be able to walk straight without limping.
  • Finally those swellings you have will be gone
  • And all the fear and agony that you go through now because of all those terrible pain will be completely forgotten


The 2-In-1 Body Pain Crusher!”

The Most Powerful & Effective Arthritis Suppressing Herb in the World

100% Naturally Made From Herbs

What’s the 2-in-1 Body Pain Crusher About?

The 2-in-1 Body Pain crusher is made up of TWO extremely powerful pain relieving solutions made from herbal EXTRACTS which helps getting rid of annoying bodily pain caused by arthritis or any kind of body pain.

What Are This Herbal Solution?

No #1=> The Miracle Pain Crushing Tea!

This Miracle herbal Pain Crusher Tea is an extremely powerful and effective herbal tea which have contents made from 100% herbal ingredients extracted from the foot of Mount Fiji, that works wonders & relieve you from body pain and aches.

If you have arthritis pain & body aches all you need to do is to take a HOT cup of this amazing tea in the morning and at night too for good 30 days, gradually all your pains will gradually FADE away very fast!

No. #2==> “Miracle Pain Crushing Balm!”

The Miracle pain crushing Balm is an Ointment, Oil that you can JUST rub on rub on your body when you are feeling pains.

After rubbing the “Miracle Pain Balm” give it just 20 mins and watch how your ANNOYING pain will just disappear very quickly, you’ll think it Jazz or something.

This two amazing Pain crushing solutions are what makes up the “2-in-1 Pain Crusher” the BEST part is that they are so RARE you can NEVER find them in any pharmacy, any store or anywhere in NIGERIA!

Testimony of People Who Have Used it!


This Tea Works so well, even this Doc Is “recommending” it

Check out the Demand…

So you can see how it have worked well for others right?

Drink The Amazing Tea, to Detoxify Your Blood & Internal Organs From Pain Causing Toxins & Rub the Fast Action Balm to Sooth Your Body Pain Almost Instantly!

With this amazing 2-in-1 Body Pain Crusher, you are sure of being pain free forever!

It heals your damaged joints and frees you up from pains FAST so you can return to that happy pain-free person you were before it all started.

I’m sure the question on your mind now is….

How Can I Get The 2-in-1 Pain Crusher?”

You see, the 2-in-1 Pain Crusher is a really RARE body pain solution, that to even bring it into the country is stressful.

But the good news is I have partnered with reputable Marketing Firm to help with the marketing.

But the bad news is that we have just 50 pcs of this solution so you’ll have to hurry and order for your own package today or risk not getting it…

So How Much is it?

Originally a bag of the “Pain Crushing Tea” cost N25,000 & EACH of the miracle “Pain Crushing” Ointment cost N9,000 per bottle and you’ll need at least 2 bottles for a month treatment, I.e N18,000. So if you are going to get a one month option, it will cost you:- N43,000 a pulp!

Don’t worry, you won’t be spending that much today like I did!

We are running a 48 hours bonanza for the loyal readers of Vanguard so, if you are grabbing this offer today here’s what’s in for you….

Option #1 (1 Tea Bag + 2 Bottles of Ointments)

(BEST for Normal Arthritis & Body Pain)

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(BEST for Severe Arthritis & Body Pain)

To sweeten the offer, IF you place your order today, you’ll qualify for an EXCLUSIVE secret bonus that will HELP get rid of body pains SUPER FAST!


You are FULLY Covered by my 60 Days, No Super Story, Money Bank Guarantee!”

That’s how confident I’m in the 2-in-1 Body Pain Crusher!

Use it for the next 60 days, if it does not work as I say it will, call the marketing firm’s office and tell them you want your money back, and we promise you, we will refund you and even tell you “sorry” for wasting your time!


This BONANZA OFFER will LAST for the NEXT 48 Hours and after that we will Sky rocket the price back to the normal price.

Are you STILL Down for this?


**VG**Your Name**OPTION You Want**Delivery Address**Active Phone Number** to these Hot lines==>

Hotline (1)=> 0909-515-9064

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So there you go….

If you are sick and tired of all the pains you go through because of your arthritis or the body pain you are facing, then you need to do something fast about it…hurry and place your order for the amazing “2-in-1 Body Crusher” right away or keep facing them and spending huge some of money on drugs that will never work for you.

Here’s How To KEY Your Slot Right Now….


**VG**Your Name**OPTION You Want**Delivery Address**Active Phone Number** to these Hot lines==>

Hotline (1)=> 0909-515-9064

Hotline (2)=> 0812-6546-141

If you order today, we will ship your all your orders for free

To Avoid Fear of Scam, we only do Payment on Delivery


***Lagos Orders Get Delivered SAME DAY!

****Abuja==> 2-3 Working Days

***Outside Lagos, is 3 to 5 working days!


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