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Election shouldn’t be do or die — Bishop of Ikeduru

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

BISHOP of Ikeduru Diocese, Anglican Communion, Imo State, Rt. Rev Emmanuel Madubike has called on the people of the state to ensure that they do not elect a selfish person as governor. The bishop in an interview with Vanguard urged the electorate rather to vote the person whose manifesto and pedigree persuades them.

Bishop Maduike was in Onitsha for a programme in All Saints Cathedral Onitsha. He said: “Our problem is that those that said they want to rule us are selfish, and I do not know why people will decide to do all sorts of odd things because they want to lead us. If you want to do a selfless service, it should not be a do or die thing; it is those who are not ready for selfless services that want power by all means possible.”

While urging the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, to ensure that it conducts a free and fair election, he said, “Before we used to think and believe that INEC is unbiased electoral umpire and the final arbiter, but we have discovered that in most cases INEC is being bribed, so hope in INEC to conduct free and election seems to be impossible now, but they must change and rebuild people’s confidence in them, so that when they declare their result people will believe them.

“It is annoying that people will cast their votes and are convinced of the person they voted for will win, and INEC will announce a different result. It is a sign of problem in the country, when people cannot count on the integrity of INEC, it is then politics becomes a dirty game.”

Bishop Madubike said that the problem with some politicians, who want to lead the people, is that they are selfish, and that is why they are ready to do all sorts of odd things in order to get into power, saying that those who intend to do selfless services to the people do not want power by all means.


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