September 24, 2017

I can do music like Michael Jackson, Immaculate Dache boasts

Former MTN project fame finalist, Immaculate Edache, has boasted of having the kind of Michael Jackson’s musical talent and artistic abilities to do good  songs that can stand the test of time.

Immaculate Dache

Speaking to Showtime recently,  she bragged that if the late pop king could do commercial music which positively affected the younger generation, she can also do same.

“Michael Jackson did commercial music (pop), that affected and still affects the younger generation and society at large positively. I do not like to box myself in creatively; once I feel passionate about a song I’m recording, I put in as much positivity as there can be, be it hi-life, jazz, hip-hop, reggae or afro-pop. As long as I connect deeply with the music I am putting out, I always feel that the music will be received and loved by the public and affect them positively”, she boasted.