By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

There are two things people should be requesting for, the anointing of blessing from God and man. If God blesses a person and a man says it will not get to the person, it will not. In like manner if a man blesses a person and God says it will not get to the person, it will not.

People should pray that God and man should show them favour. The Bible says if I should see favour from my master and God things will be smooth for me”, Most people are deceiving them-selves that nobody can do it for them except God and nobody except those that are helping them.

•Pastor Daramola

God exists and man is there for man. God created man to have dominion over other creatures and coordinate the affairs of the world. Therefore whatever man does, it is God that does it because God has given man authority. When God created man the sixth day, He empowered him with the power of the world. It is in this world that we see electricity, clothes we wear and other things invented by man.

We may be saying these things were made possible by God but they belong to the world. Imagine God told Satan that Job was in his care and he could collect whatever he wanted from Job because everything Job possessed belongs to Satan except his life which God own.

That was why Satan was able to destroy all he had. Worldly things belong to the world and heavenly things belong to heaven. It is God that gave the world the power and the people controlling the affairs of the world are exercising this power.

The Bible says that Daniel requested from God understand-ing and humility but the grant was withheld with the angel God sent to deliver the grant to Daniel for 21 days until Angel Micheal came to rescue of the angel in captivity.

The principalities of the world felt that their consent should have been sought before delivering the grant to Daniel. In fact the angel was refused to pass through comic level to meet Daniel (Daniel 10:12-13).

In the same vein both the federal and state governments make plans for the betterment of Nigerians but some influential people will prevent other Nigerians to receive the benefits. And it is a pity those in authority will not call them to order.

Brethren do not say everything must be done for God. Jesus was given both the worldly and heaven-ly power which made it possible for him to heal the blind man from birth and the cripple. In this world many things are blocked or pre-vented to manifest but many men of God are unblocking these things because they were given the knowledge of worldly power.

What they need to do is to con-nect with God to enable them carry out the work. So the grace of the world and heaven are powerful also anointing of bless-ing of the world and heaven are powerful.

Be afraid of your father as well as your mother because they brought you to this world. Many people are saying that it is God alone they fear.

Let me tell you the day of your death will not be complete before you are killed suddenly. My prayer is that we will not offend the world in Jesus name. Amen. Many people will claim they have God alone and nothing can happen to them. Yes, but God will be watch-ing when the principalities and rulers of the world are inflicting pains and suffering on you.

God will not intervene because he had established a boundary between heaven and world. Imagine the suffering the rulers of the world subjected Jesus who claimed to have both worldly and heavenly power. It was the suffering and torture that led to his premature death.

God refused to intervene in Jesus’ plight until he voiced that father why have you forsaken me. Jesus knew that all power belong to God and He had rejected him. Even when Pilate told Jesus that he has the power to set him free he disagreed that Pilate would not have power over him if it was not given to him from above (John 19 verse 10-11).

God refused to intervene beca-use he had given the rulers of the world power and they were exercising the power at that moment. It is in heaven that God will judge all that happened. What about you?

How friendly are to God? If the principalities and rulers of the world punishing you and you say you are a child of God there is nothing you can do. That is the people of the world.

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