September 20, 2017

Are artificial sweeteners harmful?

Are artificial sweeteners harmful?


Dear Bunmi,

I’ve used artificial sweeteners for years. Over the years, I’ve heard of all sorts of diseases sweeteners can promote. There has been a belief it could even cause cancer. Is there any truth in this? I really wouldn’t want to put my health at risk.

Tito, by e-mail.

Dear Tito,

There doesn’t seem to be any truth in such claims. All sweeteners are extensively tested before they become available, and nothing that is known to be car-cinoenic is permitted on the market. According to Dr. John Fry, an expert on sweeteners, rumours arose several years ago when some tests suggested that saccharin might cause bladder cancer in rats, but it has since been proved that the cancer found in the rats wasn’t caused by saccharin at all.