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5 pillars the Devil wants out of every local church

By Dr. Francis Akin-John

There are only two churches the scripture recognizes: The local church (Matthew 18:20), and the Universal church (Matthew 16:18), every other church is for administrative convenience of man.

The local church is the plan of God to win the world unto Himself and Jesus will surely come back to rapture glorious, healthy local churches, within and without. (Ephesians 5:26-27)

However, the devil doesn’t like any local church. He hates every gathering of the saints with passion and will do everything in his arsenal to corrupt her from within. Job 1:5 do confirm that Satan and his cohorts do come to gathering of children of God.

As a master thief, John 10:10a, Satan is adept in stealing things and is therefore working assi-duously to remove these funda-mentals form every careless local church. Mind you, these pillars are what uphold and should undergird any biblical local church anywhere in the world, but the devil is hell bent in stylishly removing them, though many church leaders are unaware of this evil and mali-cious plan of Satan.

Your church name, location, policy, size, structure or wealth doesn’t matter to him, he just want to remove or corrupt these five fundamentals, so that he can destroy the church ultimately.

  1. The Bible- or the corrupt version of it. He loves to replace the Bible with other books like 6&7 Books of Moses, lost book of Eden and human philosophies. Whole, undiluted, balance and practical truth of the Bible he doesn’t want on any church altar. He has therefore corrupted many pulpits. Churches that only do meetings where they pray, sing, dance, entertain and pro-phesy without teaching the whole bible are falling into Satan trap big time.
  2. That’s why biblical ignorance is very high in most churches and deceptive doctrines are very rife.
  3. Lordship of Christ. Satan doesn’t want the rule and reign of Christ in His church, rather he wants to be worshipped. That’s why many preachers no longer preach Jesus, careful to mention the name of Jesus because of political correctness. Modern preachers hate the lifestyle, teachings and practices of Jesus recorded in the gospels for us, and they prefer to do things their own way, because Jesus ways are too tough for them.
  4. Holy Spirit – the devil wants the Holy Spirit to be grieved, lied to through sins, disobedience and literal quenching of the Spirit of God and therefore with-draw from the church so that there will be no transformations, miracles, power demonstrat-ions. He replaces the Holy Spirit with his demons, witches and witchcraft manipulations in the church.
  5. The Holy Spirit is a great hindrance to the workings of the devil in any church, that’s why lots of ministers and Christ-ian today are no longer bapti-zed in the Holy Spirit and we carry on like that.
  6. Genuine Prayers – while the scripture says my house shall be called the house of prayers, yet the devil wants prayers to be no existing in any church. He wants prayers to become a form, ritual, officious, formal, lifeless and powerless. He will use wrong teachings, emphasis and practi-ces to produce unanswered prayers, so that people can be tired and quit praying.
  7. Today, there is no more holy fire on the prayer altars of many churches, because the devil has stolen it away. He knew that when the church truly prayers, God will work mightily in their midst.
  8. Godly, Competent Pastor – the devil wants to corrupt every pastor. He wants every pastor to be sinful, bad example, ignorant, untrained, incompetent and a fake. In other instances, he wants the deacons and elders to usurp the position of the pastor so that the church will not be properly led. Once a godly and competent pastor is removed from a church, the devil will have free access to work and destroy that fellowship of the saints.

Fundamentals are what you cannot do without, and once the devil succeed in removing these five pillars from any local assembly of Believer’s in anyway, he has prevailed over that church. Lots of church leaders may deny and fight this, yet it is the eternal plan and strategy of the devil for each local church.

Check your church! Which pillar has the devil removed, or trying to remove?

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