August 2, 2017

I won’t stop inviting players in diaspora — Mbagwu

Newly elected President of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, NRFF, Kelechukwu Mbagwu has insisted on the continued invitation of Nigeria ‘s Rugby players in diaspora so as to instill seriousness in their home-based counterparts.


The Real Estate guru who spoke to Journalists yesterday in Lagos slammed the decision to exclude Nigerians in disapora saying that for the sport to grow, all Nigerians irrespective of their base should be given equal opportunities to compete for shirts.

‘’We want the best 15 or 17 players who will represent Nigeria. We’ll extend equal opportunities and the coaches and trainers will select the best players. There is no need for a rift. What we want is the best for the national team’’, the man who has been bankrolling Rugby for a long time before he was elected President said.

The CMB boss who promised to take Rugby to the grassroots also said that he was going to restore Female Rugby because of their potentials. ‘’We know that whatever women do, they do it better. They are naturally talented. We’re going to encourage female Rugby to flourish’’, he said recalling the exploits of the female national Rugby team in 2009 in Ghana where they finished second after thrilling the crowd with fine Runs.

As a team player, Mbagwu promised to reach out to other aggrieved parties to join hands to restore Rugby to the height of prominence that it deserves. ‘’They are all great people who have passion for the sport. I’m reaching out to them to join the ship for us to realise the dream of our passion for the game’’, Mbagwu said.

Mbagwu who is also the Managing Director, CMB Building, Maintenance and Investment Company Ltd, opined that there was need for the federal government to support the sport because of its intriguing characteristic. ‘’We’re going to work closely with Government because no organisation has the reach of Government. Mbagwu also promised a data base for the sport for proper monitoring.