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SHOTRON: Why I am into music

ShotundeOlatunde aka SHOTRON is an upcoming artist potential of rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry with his rare talent in music. in an interview with Vanguard, he reveals how he started and his vision about music.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is ShotundeOlatunde aka SHOTRON from Ogun state Nigeria. I love music because music is life and life is music that’s why I dedicate my life doing it. My talent was discovered by my teacher way back when I was in primary school – class four to be precise. Since, then I have been trying all my best in time of make good music.  I started singing professionally since 2000 up to date.

What is Music to you and why did you choose music as a path in life?

Music is a universal phenomenon. Music is more like water that could take any shape off the container that holds it. What I mean in effect is that you can use music in any form depending on who you want to communicate with it with. I remember back in the days, most of my favorite artistes use their kind of music to communicate to some group of people.

Like in the days of oppression, to make peace between nations and so on. Some use their music as a form of art to push up the spirit of people. All these are the various shapes that music can form into. Why have I chosen music is the fact that I found myself in a situation I don’t remember discussing with anybody before landing here.

I have been on my own since 2006 on the street hustling and doing all kinds odd jobs for survival. So, I look at music as the only company I had and still have in me. I see it as the stepping stone for extremely lower class people to climb the ladder to greater heights. Thank God it’s God given also if you know what I mean.

What inspires your kind of Music?

Based on the fact that I did not have a very rosy upbringing, I lost my mom as a child, I actually don’t know her and my dad would not want to invest his hard earned money on me for some reason I still can’t figure out.

This made life really mysterious for me. So most of the time, the emotional part of me takes a large chunk of my musical composure. Because it was not really enjoyable to be in the kind of lifestyle I grew in, I like to communicate with people in the same position as I am.

I mean, sometimes it’s not the hardship that is hard on us, it’s the fact that we are lonely. So l like to communicate to that loneliness – to that hustling young guy or girl – trying to say constantly to them that when you hold on, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I can say that this experience of mine has actually given me depth in my music career.

Who is your favorite artiste?

R-Kelly that is.

Is there a difference in the music you do and the ones we have out there?

Not really, as music is now, the first audience you get to reach to would be your Nigerian fans. Be that as it may, if you look at the country we live in now, there is hardship everywhere. I am not saying like the hardship just started but we live a very hard life in Nigeria compared to the rest of the world like the western world.

So, this has a large effect on the kind of Music artiste we have and the kind of songs they throw out. What I am saying in essence is that, there is a lot of sadness and hardship already in the rudiments of our existence as a people, so been like that, Nigerians like music that would make them lively up, you see them reacting well to certain kind of music than another. So Nigerians would love a dance hall song over a knowledge song.

I mean no offence; I completely understand that because if I don’t, that means I am denying myself too. Relating this to the effect it has on my music is simply growth. I have learnt to grow from the ghetto music singer to what is happening now.

I still always put the most graphic detail of the ghetto in perspective when I sing even in this new kind of way but most of the time in a remembrance format.  So I don’t think there is any difference, it’s just that we all are trying to communicate with people in different ways.

What has been your challenge as an upcoming artist in Nigeria?

Well, let me say the challenge is the same challenge every upcoming artiste face everywhere in the world. The challenge of funding. You know what I mean. You have to go work for yourself and whatever you earn you pour into the passion that you have. So it’s basically that. The talent is available and its God given but you got to invest in the talent for refining and to be able to put in on the consumer market.

So, are you on a record deal now?

No I am not. I am still doing my own thing myself with the help of people around.  Brothers from the neighborhood that love you and friends.

Would you like to be on a record deal or you would want to build everything yourself?

Well, I will like to be on a record label deal. I think I like it as that because it’s all on business terms so I can understand the business side of Music. Maybe when I grow then I can build something too but it’s good for me to be on a record deal.

How confident are you about you getting on a record deal?

Well, I am confident 200% because I know what I carry inside of me. Without mincing words let me just say that I can double the financial worth of any record label I am signed into. I think that says it all. So I am still on the lookout.

Is there any artiste you are compared to?

Yes Akon, all the time. As a matter of fact when I am in the studio the producers I work with often have to check their auto tune software if it’s off or on. They get really confused when they hear me sing for the first time. Along the line they get used to it but at first I always expect the reaction they show. I am used to it.

So you mean you have a natural auto tune voice?

Something like that. You need to listen for yourself to be able to judge.

Who are your favorite Nigerian Artistes?

Dare Art Alade, Asa, FelaAnikulapo-Kuti and AyinlaOmowura.

Have you gotten to work with any of them?

Yes, I remember I had worked with GINO, SOSICK back and Reminisce but for Reminisce was not on a professional level. Was more of studio free style and stuff.

Do you have a vision as an artiste?

Yes, and my vision is to open countless channels for upcoming artistes too. I read about a report on CNN in 2015 that the Nigerian Music scene would be worth more than $20 billion in the year 2020 and later. That’s a lot of cheese for young people. And I want to be instrumental to delivering that lots of cheese into the hands of Nigerian youths be it with rich or poor upbringing.

What are your hobbies?

Reading, Singing, Swimming, traveling and having fun with my friends. Life is too short we can only live with the memories.

What are you doing now with your Music?

Actually I am presently working on songs to make up my first album. It’s an eleven track album. I am still in the lab working and making sure I do this right especially for my fans and for everybody that has been showing me support. But in the process, three of them is ready now and I am working with my team, I think I will be throwing one out very soon its titled LALUYO produced by XBlaze. So you guys should look out for it.

Is there a specific time?

Yes, late in August I think or September. But great music is coming from me out this year, God willing.




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