August 9, 2017

Seamless payment for riders drives Uber, Visa to multi-year partnership

Uber , tipping


By Prince Osuagwu

RIDE hailing app, is working tirelessly to see how riders and its driver partners will get the best of convenience, particularly during payment at the end of a trip. The tech company says that ensuring riders have access to simple and convenient payment options is crucial to its plans of making ride hailing one of the most convenient forms of transportation.


As a result, it has entered into partnership with payment giants, Visa, for a flexible payment option that would also see riders accumulate free rides, while driver-partners get increased demand and more trips. The multi-year strategic partnership leverages both technology platforms to encourage the use of electronic payments among consumers and will help grow digital commerce across Africa.

Under the agreement, Visa will work with its financial institution partners to set up debit and credit portfolios for eCommerce to enable faster adoption of digital payments, new revenue streams for banks and merchants, and create the platform for digital companies like Uber to offer great app-based commercial experiences to more customers.

In parallel, Uber and Visa will offer new and existing riders across Nigeria special deals when paying with their Visa card. Hence, the Uber/Visa partnership will ensure riders have more flexibility to pay in ways most comfortable, while enjoying free rides when they use their Visa card. General Manager, Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits, said: ”Ensuring riders have access to simple and convenient payment options is crucial, which is why our partnership with Visa, makes a whole lot of sense.”

It is a win-win for both riders, who have flexible payment options and will accumulate free rides, but also for driver-partners as this will increase demand which results in more trips.”

Meanwhile, Visa’s Group Country Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Andrew Torre, also said: “Visa’s purpose is to be the best way to pay and be paid, for everyone, everywhere. Everything we do as an organization aims to live up to this promise. Visa is always looking to align with like-minded brands that will help bring our cashless vision to life, and ensure that consumers have multiple payment options to best suit their everyday lives.